The Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer was designed for people who want to incorporate more greens and produce into their diet. The Aicok extracts rich, flavorful juice from fruits and veggies without sacrificing their nutritional benefits, thanks to its slower operation that produces less heat. Since I’m always looking for better ways to enjoy leafy greens, I thought it would be a great addition to my kitchen. After giving it a try, here’s what I learned about the Aicok.

I think the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer makes an obvious choice for those who enjoy adding greens to their drink. The machine works wonders on leafy vegetables that often don’t have a lot of juice to put out. That, plus its ease of use and cleaning, make it a suitable selection for everyday use. Of course, it’s affordable price tag also tells you that something’s got to give.

When it comes right down to it, the Aicok falls short when juicing soft and hard produce. The juice consistency produced is thin and watery. And the foam layer is typically more than individual people would prefer. If you like creamier juices, then the Aicok might not meet your standards.


  • Slow masticating operation efficiently extracts juice from leafy greens
  • It takes up minimal space on your kitchen counter. 
  • The silent motor produces just 60 dB of noise. 
  • Cleaning the parts takes minimal effort. 
  • Far cheaper than other cold press juicers.
  • Easy to use in all respects, making it ideal for daily use. 


  • Not as effective at juicing soft and hard fruits and vegetables. 
  • Inner parts are easily stained. 
  • Juice produced takes on a watery consistency with lots of foam. 
  • The average-sized chute can’t accommodate larger produce. 
  • Masticating juicers aren’t the fastest.

Who Can Benefit from the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer?

Personally, I think Aicok juicer makes an excellent choice for daily users. Individuals seeking to incorporate leafy greens into their everyday diet can easily accomplish that with the Aicok. Plus, because it’s easy to use and easy to clean, it doesn’t feel like a chore to operate.

Because of its affordable price, the Aicok also makes the right choice for beginners and budget-conscious buyers. The machine is well-priced, coming at a reasonable cost without sacrificing quality. Sure, it’s not the best slow masticating juicer out there. 

But at its entry-level price, it doesn’t disappoint. On the other hand, if you like thick, creamy juices, the Aicok might fall short of expectations. Juicing soft and hard produce yields a watery consistency at below than average quantities. I also found the juice from soft fruit to separate pretty quickly, which does severely impact taste and quality.

Aicok Juicer Overview

The first thing that I think draws buyers to the Aicok is its price. The juicer is a lot cheaper than other cold-press juicers, making it attractive in the eyes of budget-conscious buyers. But despite its reasonable price tag, the Aicok competes pretty well. 

I found that although it doesn’t exceed the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, it doesn’t lag too far behind. What really sets the Aicok apart from other choices is that it works well with leafy greens. 

Most other juicers will struggle to get any juice out of greens. That’s because leafy vegetables don’t have a lot of moisture in the first place. But the Aicok challenges expectations by producing higher than average juice quantity from leafy greens like barley and wheatgrass. In the ease of use department, the Aicok takes the cake yet again. 

The machine has a single speed setting which – albeit slow – really strips down the process. Kind of like a plug-and-play design, the Aicok can get you juicing right after you pop it out of the box. Sure, the chute size and container size are a little on the small end of the spectrum. 

But if you can forgive those minor flaws, then the Aicok makes a beautiful addition to your countertop. For juice fanatics who love their homemade juice but hate the cleaning that comes with it, the Aicok makes it easy. 

The machine’s parts are all dishwasher safe. But even if you’re hand washing them, the generally smooth interior that’s free from noon-and-crannies let you rinse and dry with minimal effort. 

So, what made the Aicok fall short of being the best budget-friendly masticating juicer? For me, it just didn’t meet expectations with soft and hard produce. The leafy greens were a dream to work with. 

But once you pop a bunch of grapes, and apple, or a few carrots into the chute, the Aicok shows you why it’s so cheap. The machine produces a juice that easily separates. And despite the lack of pulp, the Aicok makes up for it with more than the average layer of foam.

What Fruits and Vegetables Can It Juice?

What I especially appreciate about the Aicok is that the thin juice works for more than just direct drinking. Juicing green leafy vegetables gives you the option to add them to soups and other recipes. 

But of course, merely downing the yield straight from the machine offers a pretty tasty experience as well. Able to process most fruits and vegetables, the Aicok generates the average amount of juice across the board. 

My only concern is the consistency of the juice that tends to lean on the watery side. For certain types of fruits – like apples and grapes – the result also tends to separate. 

If you’re into baking, then the Aicok also has another small surprise in store. The pulp that the machine leaves behind after juicing is damp yet clumpy, making it the ideal addition to baked goods. Of course, there’s also the option to compost the leftovers, which are pretty easy as well merely.


  • Type of juicer: Slow masticating
  • Dimensions: 16.1 x 1.79 x 11.6 inches
  • Feed chute size: 1.77 inches
  • Weight: 8.25 pounds
  • Base color: Black


  • Juice quality: Watery and thin, the juice produced by the Aicok isn’t as flavorful as thicker juices.
  • Juice yield: The machine yields average to above-average quantities of juice for leafy greens and soft fruits. For harder produce, the Aicok yields slightly less than others in the same segment.
  • Soft produce: Despite producing the average amount of juice from soft fruit, the Aicok tends to generate watery juice that easily separates.
  • Hard produce: Hard produce produces less than the average amount, and includes more pulp than soft food and leafy greens.
  • Leafy greens: Leafy greens are the Aicok’s main strength. The machine can produce lots of juice from green leafy vegetables, with little to no inclusions, and just the right consistency.


  • Motor power: As a slow masticating juicer, the Aicok comes with a modest 150-watt motor. Sure, it might not sound like a lot of power. But because the juicer relies more on mashing rather than centrifugal force to separate the pulp from the fluid, the motor is more than good enough.
  • Variable speed: The Aicok comes with just a single speed setting that pushes the machine to churn out juice at 80 RPM. Again, it sounds slow and inefficient. But the magic of the Aicok lies in its slow and steady pace that gets as much juice out without generating heat or friction.
  • Capacity: Its 20-ounce juice catcher might fill up two to three glasses at a time. So if you’re planning to use your juicer for significant events, it might take a bit of time to serve everyone.
  • Auto pulp ejection: Pulp is automatically separated from the juice and stored in a separate compartment. This makes it easier to collect the residue and to clean the rest of the juicer.
  • Drip stopper: The device features a spout that’s directed vertically downwards, so all the juice drips directly into the container. It doesn’t come with a drip stopper. So you can expect a bit of residue trickling on to your juicer’s base when you remove the catcher.
  • Noise level: The machine is one of the most silent ones available. Generating just 60 decibels of noise, the Aicok will keep the kids asleep if you decide to juice at night.
  • Accessories: Aside from all of the included parts, the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer comes with a cleaning brush. It’s a little on the flimsy side, but it’s a nice simple bonus anyway.
  • Safety: The Aicok might sway and wobble a little bit when juicing harder fruits. But all in all, the device is very well-constructed, built for maximum safety.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer offers a 2 + 1-year warranty to cover manufacturer defects, as well as free technical consultation for the validity of the warranty.

Care and Cleaning

The one thing that I genuinely love about the Aicok is that it’s impeccably easy to clean. Unlike certain other juicers – like the 67650A from Hamilton Beach – the Aicok allows truly effortless cleaning. 

The pieces don’t have a lot of nooks, crannies, or irregular shapes that are hard to get into. Instead, the smooth interior surfaces rinse and wash with ease. They’re also completely dishwasher safe, so you can rinse away any residue and pop them into your washer for even less effort. One of the accessories included with the juicer is a cleaning brush. I found it to be a little unnecessary since the parts do clean rather effortlessly. 

Plus, I thought the brush was a little on the flimsy side, so I wasn’t very comfortable using it. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent little addition, especially if you want to limit the development of stains.

Value for the Money

I’m not a stranger to slow masticating juicers, and I’ve had a few of them in my kitchen before. So I do know that Aicok is a relatively affordable choice compared to many others. Shy of $150, Aicok offers impressive performance that competes closely with the Breville Juice Fountain Elite

Another juicer that resembles the Aicok in terms of performance is the Omega NC900HDC. Often considered the holy grail of slow masticating juicers, this device comes in at nearly $400. 

But despite that, the Aicok still puts up a pretty good fight. It uses a lot of the same features, and although it doesn’t win performance-wise, it makes up for it with its budget-friendly price.

What Others are Saying

“I have owned several juicers, and this one is by far, my favorite. It is the cheapest and best juicer machine I’ve ever used. There is a small difference in yield between this juicer and my twin gear masticating with a $600 price. It is effortless to clean and reassemble compared to the twin gear and the centrifuge juicers I also own.” – Amazon Customer, Verified Purchase 

“This fit my budget, and the reviews were the most good. I have used it several times now, and I like it. It makes good juice, and it’s not noisy at all. Clean up isn’t that bad either. Most of the parts ( there are not that many) are easily rinsed off. The strainer is the only part that takes a minute to clean. It comes with a brush to help you clean. All in all, it took me less than five minutes to clean.” – Amazon customer, Verified Purchase. 

“Apart from being affordable, it’s a reliable companion in making basic recipes and as well as green juices, celery juice, wheatgrass juice, etc. The sky’s the limit if you will.” – Zoey Garcia,

Alternatives to Aicok Juicer

How does the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer compare to other juicers?

Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center 

Omega offers a range of premium juicers and appliances that make it especially popular. Their J8006HDS uses a powerful 200-watt motor that’s more robust than the Aicok. Performance-wise, the Omega J8006HDS juicer produces more juice for every piece of fruit. But it does introduce quite a lot of pulp into the product as well. Other than that, cleaning and operation aren’t too different from that of the Aicok.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain 

The Breville JE98XL is just about the same price as the Aicok. But the main difference is that this juicer uses centrifugal force to extract juice from the pulp. With a powerful 850-watt motor, the Breville JE98XL might yield more juice for each piece of fruit you put in. But the Aicok still wins when it comes to greens.

Hamilton Beach Pro Big Mouth 67650A Juicer Machine

The Hamilton Beach Pro 67650A performs well with soft produce. The machine can generate up to 24% more juice than other devices, which is why it’s so popular. But even then, the Hamilton Beach Pro 67650A can’t deliver the same results as the Aicok when it comes to greens. So it’s a matter of what you want to juice.

Conclusion: Is Aicok Juicer Worth It?

I think the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer can be an excellent kitchen countertop addition. If you want to incorporate more leafy greens into your diet instead of just eating them, then the Aicok can be a significant help. 

Aside from that, it’s a dream to clean. So if you think about it, the Aicok would be ideal if you want to enjoy some green juice daily. Sure, there are downsides. 

For the most part, the issue lies in the fact that it isn’t as useful with soft and hard produce. The watery consistency can dampen the juice’s overall quality. And lots of foam means taking extra steps to optimize the texture. But if you’re not interested in firmer produce that often, then the Aicok makes an affordable investment.

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