If you love working out, you’ll need the best blender for making protein shakes. We’ll go over the benefits of protein shakes and everything you need to know about finding the best blender for you.

Exercising is a lot of work. Who wants to go to the gym? Not me! Getting to the gym a couple of times a week can be a huge hassle. Not many people have time to fit working out into their schedules.

But unfortunately, working out is only half of the battle. If you want to see the maximum results from working out, you need to eat accordingly.

I know what you’re thinking: “Who am I, Arnold Schwarzenegger?” But trust me, protein shakes are vital when it comes to maintaining muscle mass.

If you’re looking to bulk, this is the perfect time for muscle synthesis. If you want to lose weight, you’ll need the shake to preserve muscle while burning fat.

Either way, a protein shake, and the gym go hand in hand. Even without exercise, protein shakes are a great way of adding nutrition to your diet. Everyone can benefit from protein!

Nobody wants to chug a gross mixture of protein powder and milk. But just because that’s what you see some people doing doesn’t mean that’s what you have to settle for.

Protein shakes can be a lot more interesting than that provided you have the right blender.

You can pack in a ton of nutrition and lots of delicious frozen fruit to a protein shake. It all depends on whether or not you have a blender that’s right for the job.

What Are Protein Shakes And How Do They Work?

At their very core, protein shakes are protein powder mixed with some form of liquid. Many people choose to add other ingredients to the mix for added taste/nutrition.

Most protein powders are either dairy-based or plant-based. Dairy-based powders usually contain the most amino acids. They’re also traditionally absorbed better by the body for muscle synthesis.

But several plant-based powders are suitable substitutes for vegans or the lactose-intolerant. When choosing a protein powder, there are several different options:

  • Whey protein. This is protein made from whey, the liquid that separates from milk when making cheese. It’s a complete, high-quality protein that contains all of the amino acids your body needs. It absorbs incredibly quickly. You can get whey into three types: concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate.
  • Casein protein. This protein is also made from a byproduct of cheese production. Casein protein is another high-quality protein containing all of the amino acids. The biggest difference between casein and whey is that casein is slower releasing than whey is. It is available in either micellar casein or casein hydrolysate.
  • Soy protein. Soy protein is one of the plant-based and contains all amino acids.
  • Hemp protein. Another plant-based protein, hemp protein is made from hemp seeds. Unlike the above powders, hemp doesn’t contain all of the amino acids.
  • Rice protein. A plant-based protein made from rice, it’s also doesn’t contain every amino acid.
  • Pea protein. Pea protein is the last plant-based protein and is made from peas. It is also incomplete in certain amino acids.

Protein is the building block of life. By drinking a protein shake soon after working out, you aid muscle repair. If you’re trying to gain muscle, you need this for it to grow bigger.

If you want to burn fat, you need the protein to stop your body from burning muscle. Proper weight loss involves burning as much fat and as little muscle as possible. A protein shake makes that possible.

These shakes are mostly a great way to add more protein to your diet. Even without working out, the shakes can help you boost your metabolism and lose body fat.

Increasing the amount of protein in your diet has been shown to help you burn more calories, regardless of whether or not you worked out. It also helps to fill you up, keeping you fuller for longer.

What To Consider When Choosing A Blender For Protein Shakes

Size & Weight. The size and weight of the blender will make a massive difference in how you use it. If you live in a small apartment without a lot of kitchen space, you’ll need something more modest. This can also help if you want to take the blender with you when you travel.

Motor Power. You’ll need a blender that can keep up with your shake. This is especially true if you like to add a lot of frozen fruit to your shake. The higher the motor power, the better your blender can chop up your shake ingredients. So if you like a protein shake with a lot of ingredients, you’ll need a motor power closer to 1,000 watts.

Construction. You want a blender made from durable and high-quality ingredients. You don’t want the blender breaking down in the middle of you using it. All of the plastic should be BPA-free so that you won’t end up ingesting toxic substances. It’s also a plus to find blenders that are dishwasher-friendly.

Strong Blades. Getting a blender with durable blades is especially crucial if you like to use ice in a smoothie. Chopping up frozen fruit or ice requires strong stainless steel blades and high motor power. It doesn’t matter how high the motor power if your blades are too weak to handle the job.

Noise Level. There’s nothing worse than a blender that sounds like a car accident every time you make a protein shake. You want a blender that isn’t too loud, especially if you like having a shake first thing in the morning.

Drink-safe Cups. The cup that comes with the blender is another thing that needs to be BPA-free. You may be drinking straight out of the container. Therefore, you need to make sure you aren’t ingesting dangerous chemicals.

A number Of Cups & Capacity. If you like making massive protein shakes that have a ton of ingredients, you need a blender with a large cup capacity. If, however, you prefer smaller shakes, a large blender will only be harder to clean. Find a blender that’s the right size for your needs.

Ease To Clean. No one has the time to spend 30 minutes cleaning out a blender with too many parts. Find a blender that’s simple and easy to clean to save time. Putting a little soap in them and running them can easily clean some blenders. Others have dishwasher-friendly parts that make cleaning a breeze.

Price. Your budget is going to be the most significant factor in choosing a blender. If you have these shakes every day, you may want to splurge for a higher-quality blender. Or do you like having a small, simple shake every once in a while? Then you’ll probably be just fine with a cheaper option. It’s up to you.

Warranty. Machines are notorious for breaking down, and blenders are included in this category. You want a blender that is covered under warranty in case any parts need fixing or replacing. This will help prevent you from wasting money in the event of the blender malfunctioning.

Countertop Full-Size Blenders for Protein Shakes

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770)

Why we like it: it’s super powerful. This blender can crush almost anything you put in it! It doesn’t matter if it’s ice, dough, or anything else— this blender’s up to the task.

The Nutri Ninja BL 770 has a powerful motor with 1,500 watts of power. It’s not only great at making protein shakes, but also excellent at kneading dough or processing food.

The suction cups on the base help keep it stable while it’s blending (which is necessary due to its power).

It’s also huge, at over 17 inches in height. This is great for making massive shakes, but less enjoyable when you’re trying to store it. It does take a longer time to blend ingredients, but it will blend almost anything.

It’s high motor power also makes it incredibly noisy. However, it’s dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is a breeze.

Key Features

  • 72-oz pitcher
  • 8-cup food processor bowl
  • Two 16-oz nutria ninja cups with to-go lids
  • 30-recipe inspiration guide
  • Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free parts


  • The large pitcher that can blend a lot of ingredients
  • Versatile
  • The powerful motor can crush almost anything
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Food can get stuck in the blender lid
  • Noisy

Verdict: The Nutri Ninja BL 770 is an affordable full-size blender. It’s an excellent choice for those who love to make smoothies with lots of frozen ingredients. If you don’t mind the noise, it’s a unique and powerful blender.

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Why we like it: Who doesn’t love a Vitamix? This blender is great because it isn’t too big or too small. Its size makes it versatile enough to make almost anything without taking up too much counter space.

The Vitamix E310 is incredibly versatile. You can easily use it for making hot soup, grinding nuts, or making protein shakes. It comes with variable speed control that lets you control the texture of your shake.

It even has a pulse feature that allows you to layer coarse chops over smooth purées if you like your shake a little chunky.

This blender is a little more expensive, but it’s still a pretty affordable option. It also comes with easy self-cleaning that lets you clean it with only a drop of soap and some warm water. All you have to do is turn it on and watch it clean!

Key Features

  • 48-oz container
  • 3-inch stainless steel blades
  • Variable speed control
  • Pulse feature
  • Cookbook


  • Versatile
  • Not too big
  • Easy to clean
  • Not too loud


  • Some reviews state it doesn’t do well with thicker smoothies
  • Some reports claim it takes a long time to blend ingredients

Verdict: The Vitamix E310 is a great middle-of-the-road option in terms of blenders. If you like to use your blender for more than just protein shakes, this is a great choice. You can whip up a hearty soup just as easily as you can blend a shake with this blender.

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender – Professional-Grade Power

Why we like it: The warranty, this blender costs a lot, but it comes with an 8-year warranty to cover any malfunctions. This makes it an excellent choice for those who are tired of having to replace malfunctioning blenders regularly.

The Blendtec Classic 575 is a huge blender (90 ounces!). Its enormous size, and incredibly strong blades make prepping time so much shorter than most blenders.

You won’t need to chop, slice, or dice any ingredients before blending. Just chuck it in the blender and press the button!

It comes with four pre-programmed blending cycles and a 5-speed manual control. This allows you to blend a variety of different things while controlling the blending at any time during the process. It also self-cleans within one minute with a little soap and water.

Key Features

  • 90-oz blender
  • Blunt blade
  • Easy clean interface
  • Tamper free jar and latching lid
  • Preprogrammed blend cycles
  • 8-year warranty


  • Huge blender
  • Self-cleaning
  • 8-year warranty
  • Versatile


  • Expensive
  • Some reviews complain about it breaking quickly
  • Its large size makes it hard to store

Verdict: If you need a blender that can handle a massive amount of ingredients, the Blendtec Classic 575 is for you. It’s big enough to make shakes to feed the whole family. If you’re not afraid to spend a little more on a blender, the warranty and size make this an excellent choice.

Personal Single-Serve Blenders for Protein Shakes

NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender

Why we like it: The NutriBullet RX has a super-strong motor with 1700 watts. This makes it one of the most potent personal blenders on the market.

This blender can blend through ingredients such as ice, frozen fruit, and hard nuts. No matter what you like to put in your shake, you’ll be sure to get a smooth texture with this blender. It can even blend and heat soups with its built-in heating function.

The NutriBullet RX has an auto start/stop function that allows it to run itself without you. It even turns itself off when the process is done, making sure your shake is perfectly blended.

Its sleek design makes it an attractive option. It also comes with different size cups to make shakes big enough for the family to share.

Key Features

  • 1700 watt motor
  • 30-oz cup and one-liter cup
  • Hands-free SMART technology
  • Heating cycle
  • Dishwasher-safe cups


  • Powerful motor
  • Auto start/stop function
  • Attractive design
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Loud
  • Expensive for a personal blender

Verdict: The NutriBullet RX is an expensive choice. However, if you want a personal blender with the power of a full-size blender, this is an excellent option. You’ll be sure to get your money’s worth!

Ninja BL480D Nutri Ninja

Why we like it: It’s an excellent blender for its price. It’s one of the best blenders fair priced, and it’s super fast and easy to use.

The Ninja BL480D is a powerful blender that blends ingredients incredibly fast. It can handle crushing a mass of frozen fruit in less than 30 seconds into a deliciously smooth shake.

It is smaller in size, however, so you’ll have to precut the bulkier fruit before you put it in.

Because of its speed, it tends to produce a lot of foam and mess if you fill it too high. However, it doesn’t leak and is super easy to clean.

It’s suction cups on the base keep it from moving during the blending process. One downside, however, is that it is incredibly loud (especially if you’re putting anything frozen in it).

Key Features

  • 1,000-watt motor
  • 18 and 24-oz cups
  • Tritan material
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Chop, pulse, mix and blending capabilities


  • Super affordable
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Easy to clean


  • Very loud
  • Limited size
  • Can make things frothy

Verdict: If you’re on a budget, the Ninja BL480D is the perfect choice for you. Powerful, fast, and affordable, this blender can make you a delicious drink in no time.

Magic Bullet Blender

Why we like it: It is very, very cheap, although it’s small, it’s a powerful and affordable blender.

The Magic Bullet is incredibly easy to store. If you’re limited on counter space, you’ll love this blender. It’s also tiny, so it’s best for people who like to make smaller drinks.

And although it has a motor power of only 200 watts, its small size makes it powerful enough.

Even though it’s so small, it’s still known to be pretty loud. It runs at about 90 decibels, which doesn’t make it ideal for morning smoothies. Still, it’s one of the cheapest blenders you can find. So, if you don’t mind its drawbacks, it can do the job just fine.

Key Features

  • 200-watt motor
  • 18 and 12-oz cups
  • 1-year warranty
  • Recipe book
  • Plastic material


  • Super cheap
  • Easy to store
  • Powerful for its size


  • Loud
  • Very small
  • Can’t make hot soup
  • Not good at crushing big ice cubes

Verdict: If you’re new to making protein shakes and don’t want to spend too much on your first blender, the Magic Bullet may be right for you. If, however, you prefer something a little bigger and stronger, it may be worth spending a little more.

Portable Blenders for Making Protein Shakes On-The-Go.

Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend

Why we like it: The design, because it’s meant to be taken on the go, it’s great that it looks sleek. It’s perfectly made to blend your shake and take it with you wherever you want.

The Oster My Blend is an incredibly affordable portable blender. It comes with a dishwasher-safe 20-oz sports bottle made from BPA-free plastic.

It comes in blue, green, orange, and pink, depending on your style. It’s got a motor power of 250-watts that can handle smaller shakes just fine.

It comes with recipes included in the instruction manual to help you experiment with tasty drinks.

It also has a built-in resettable fuse that will revive the motor in 15 minutes if it overheats. This is great for portable blenders, as they often overheat when you put in too much.

Key Features

  • 250-watt motor
  • 20-oz cup
  • BPA-free plastic material
  • 1-year warranty
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Chop, mix and blending capabilities


  • Affordable
  • Cute design
  • Easy to use
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Can’t perform all blending tasks
  • Is susceptible to overheating

Verdict. If you want a portable blender with a little more blending power, this is a great option. The Oster My Blend can make a pretty decent shake that you can easily stash in your car or backpack.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender 51101RV

Why we like it: It’s so affordable you can get a couple of them. You can easily buy one for home and one for work if you like having a couple of smoothies a day!

The Hamilton Beach blender is perfectly designed to take on the go. With a small motor base and a power cord that wraps around it, it’s easily stored in a backpack or a bag.

It comes with a 14-oz cup with a sip lid that you can drink out of. Although it has a motor power of only 175 watts, it’s perfect for simple protein shakes that don’t have too many frozen ingredients.

The jar and lid are both dishwasher-safe, making this easy to clean. It also comes in many colors, including red, white, blue, black, and raspberry.

The Hamilton Beach blender has one-touch blending that makes it easy to use, although not very versatile. But with its low price, you get what you pay for.

Key Features

  • 175-watt motor
  • 14-oz cup
  • Sip lid
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Wrap-around cord storage


  • Affordable
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Dishwasher-safe jar and lid
  • Small and portable


  • Breaks easily
  • Not good at blending frozen things

Verdict: If you like your protein shakes with just the basics, the Hamilton Beach is a portable blender that will suffice.

Although it isn’t the most powerful or the most thrilling of blenders, its virtue is its affordability.

What Are The Benefits Of A Protein Shake?

Protein shakes have many health benefits. These apply whether or not you’re using the shakes in conjunction with working out or just having them on their own.

  • Reduces appetite. Protein increases the levels of certain hormones that reduce appetite. It also reduces the levels of hormones responsible for hunger. Aside from this, it helps keep you full for a greater amount of time. Carbs tend to spike your insulin and make you hungrier, but it helps you stay full.
  • Boosts metabolism. A diet high in protein helps you gain muscle, which leads to a higher metabolism. This is due to the scientific fact that muscle burns a greater number of calories than fat does.
  • It helps you lose weight. Studies have shown that increased protein levels cause fat loss even without an increase in exercise. The shakes are a great way of incorporating more protein into your diet.
  • Prevents muscle loss. If you’re exercising and cutting calories to lose weight, you need protein to prevent muscle loss. The more protein you have, the more you can hold onto that precious muscle when you’re trying to lose weight. Without the protein, your body will resort to burning muscle as well as fat for energy.
  • Prevents weight re-gain. When you lose weight, your metabolism tends to slow down. By drinking these shakes and helping boost your metabolism, you can keep the weight off.

Protein Shakes Vs. Milk Shakes: What’s the Difference?

When looking for a post-exercise shake, there are two types that most people choose: protein shakes and milkshakes. While milkshakes are designed to be delicious treats, protein shakes are designed to give you the nutrition you need to recover from a workout. Here are the significant differences between protein shakes and milkshakes:

  • Protein level. Milkshakes have very little protein, while protein shakes are (by their nature) high in protein.
  • BCAA and glutamine levels. While protein shakes have branched-chain amino acids and glutamine present in the protein, milkshakes do not. These are both vital for muscle recovery after working out.
  • Quality of calories. Milkshakes tend to have a higher amount of low-quality calories, as well as high amounts of fat and added sugar. While your body can typically handle higher amounts of sugar after working out, it’s not ideal to combine that sugar with fat. It’s also better to have higher-quality calories, such as you get with a protein shake.

Both milkshakes and protein shakes can give you a post-workout boost. However, protein shakes will provide you with the right kind of nutrition that will optimize your results. So if you’re looking to eat as well as your lift, protein shakes are the way to go.

How To Make A Protein Shake With A Blender

Making a protein shake with a blender is easy. The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to put in your shake.

Do you want to do something high in protein and fat, as a keto-friendly snack? Or are you a serious lifter looking to bulk after a workout?

Most protein shakes involve some form of protein powder and liquid as a base. Where you go from there is up to you.

  • 1. Start by pouring your liquid into the blender while it’s switched off. This can be milk, juice, or any other liquid you want.
  • 2. Then add, however much of your protein powder you want. If you have other powders you’d like to add, now is the time to do so.
  • 3. After this, you’ll want to blend the powder and liquid for a few seconds to dissolve the powder.
  • 4. Next, add whatever else you want to add to the smoothie. This can be fresh or frozen fruit, yogurt, or anything else you want.
  • 5. Start to slowly blend the mixture for the first 15 seconds to mix all the ingredients. Then, run the blender a little faster for up to 45 seconds to thoroughly combine all the ingredients.
  • 6. Now you can turn off the blender and pour the drink into a glass. Taste it to see if it’s thoroughly blended. If not, pour it back in the blender and run for another few seconds.

How To Make A Protein Shake Taste Better?

Although protein shakes are nutritious, they don’t have to be tasteless. Your shake can be one of the most delicious things you have all day. Here are some ways to make your drink taste better:

  • Use milk instead of water. Milk will give you a thicker texture for your shake than water will. It will also add a pleasant taste to the shake, primarily if you use a milk alternative such as almond or coconut milk. If you want your shake to be more on the smoothie side, milk is an excellent choice.
  • Use more liquid. Trying to get the most out of a small amount of liquid can result in clumps of your powder. It can also result in a chunkier shake if you’re using frozen fruit. Be sure to add enough milk to the shake to give it a consistency that’s nicely smooth and creamy.
  • Use a flavored protein powder. If you use an unflavored powder, you’ll need a lot of fruit to make it taste good. If you get vanilla or chocolate-flavored powder, you’ll get a delicious taste that will complement the rest of the ingredients in your shake. You can even find ones sweetened with stevia if you’re trying to avoid sugar.
  • Add fruit. Either fresh or frozen fruit is an excellent addition to a drink. Not only will this make it tastier, but the fructose from the fruit will help your body absorb the protein better. Low-glycemic fruit such as berries can help add flavor to your shake without adding too much sugar.
  • Add in yogurt or peanut butter. These are two excellent options that will not only increase the amount of protein in the shake but also make it tastier. Yogurt and peanut butter will give you a thicker shake with more nutrition and a stronger taste.

Protein Shake Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

  • Overcomplicating things. Don’t worry about adding in every ingredient known to man to your shake. Just make sure you’re getting enough protein and a little bit of other nutritious foods alongside it. The drink should be a nutritious meal, not a 1,000-calorie thing you have to guzzle down every day.
  • You are using poor-quality protein powder. Don’t settle for cheap, low-quality powder. You want to ensure that the protein you’re getting is made from dairy-free of antibiotics and added growth hormone. Also, make sure that there are at least 20-25 grams of protein per scoop so that you’re getting your money’s worth.
  • You are using too much protein. Your body can only absorb so much protein at a time. Your body is wasting anything more than one to two scoops of powder at a time. If you’re trying to maximize protein intake, spread it out across the day. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re getting most of your protein from whole foods sources such as meats and vegetables.
  • You’re drinking it at the wrong time. Nutrition involves timing. Your body does certain things at certain times, and after a workout is when it needs all the help it can get. If you wait too long to have your shake, your body has already started to cannibalize its muscle. Zero to thirty minutes after working out is the perfect time to feed your muscles with a shake.
  • You’re replacing too many meals with a shake. Your body needs whole foods to feel satiated. While these shakes are excellent and nutritious, your body will start to feel hungrier on an all-liquid diet. Make sure you’re balancing the shakes with whole forms of protein to feel sated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you drink a protein shake every day?

Absolutely! It’s an incredibly nutritious way of getting quick calories from a high-quality source. There’s nothing wrong with a daily shake as long as you’re using healthy ingredients.

Q. When should you drink a protein shake?

Protein shakes are best had in conjunction with working out, either before or after. If you work out in a fasted state, you should have it immediately after exercise. If you eat beforehand, a shake is an excellent way of giving yourself energy for the workout.

If you do not have it in conjunction with working out, breakfast is a great time to have it. Breaking your fast with nutrition and protein is an excellent way to start the day.

Q. How many protein shakes should you drink a day?

It depends. Your body can only handle so much protein, and it’s always beneficial to get your nutrition from whole foods sources.

While the shakes are a great way to get fast-releasing protein, there’s a time and a place for that.

One to two shakes a day is a healthy range unless you’re a bodybuilder who’s trying to seriously bulk.

Q. Can protein shakes be used as a meal replacement?

They can, but again, not every meal can be a protein shake. At some point, your body does need whole food to feel fully satiated.

But replacing one meal a day with a shake is an excellent way of increasing your protein intake. It also helps you slightly reduce your overall calories.

Q. Are protein shakes bad for you in the long run?

No! As long as you’re using high-quality protein powder and healthy ingredients, these shakes are not bad for you. They can be incredibly useful for your long-term health.

Q. Can protein shakes cause weight gain?

It depends on what you put in them. If you’re drinking a 1,000-calorie protein shake instead of your usual 500-calorie meal, you may gain weight.

Weight gain can be attributed to an excess of calories, so you have to be aware of how many you’re ingesting.

And if you’re making your shake with a bunch of sugary fruit and sweetened milk, that can cause weight gain.

Too much sugar can spike your insulin and cause you to store fat. But a protein shake low in sugar that doesn’t have too many calories will not cause you to gain weight.

Conclusion: Which Blender To Prepare Protein Shakes Is Right For You?

There are so many blenders to choose from if you’re looking to make protein shakes. When it comes to full-size blenders, the Blendtec Classic 575 is an excellent choice. Its extensive warranty is unlike any other and makes it an investment worth the money.

For personal blenders, my favorite is the Ninja BL480D. It’s a perfect middle-of-the-road option that’s incredibly affordable and efficient.

And as for portable blenders, the Oster My Blend is the more powerful option. Its motor can handle most ingredients, making it a better choice for blending a drink.

Whether you drink these shakes every day, or you’re a newbie, the right blender makes all the difference. Once you’ve armed yourself with the knowledge of the pros and cons of various blenders, you’ll be able to choose the right one.

And it doesn’t hurt to know a thing or two about making the best protein shake. Add some nutrition to your life and buy the blender that best fits your needs. Your body will indeed thank you!

Do you have any questions about blenders for protein shakes? What have been your experiences with blenders making shakes? Leave your comments and let us know.