Are you looking for the best juicer blender combo? If you need a device that delivers maximum value for the money, check out this review and learn how to find it!

Have you ever used juicers and blenders? Both appliances can be handy, and the choice depends on your preference. But what if you like both juices and smoothies, and you are looking for a device that can perform both tasks?

The solution lies in finding the best juicer blender combo! These appliances are versatile and capable of delivering smoothies and juices and even performing additional functions.

In this article, we are focusing on learning more about juicer blender combos. You will learn about their crucial features, and what makes them unique compared to similar appliances. Finally, we will present the best product in this category, and review it to the smallest detail.

Juicer vs. Blender: What’s the Difference?

Let’s start with a short overview of the differences between juicers and blenders. You will often find these as separate appliances on the market. That is understandable because they have different functions.

How Does a Juicer Work?

The task of a juicer is to extract juice from fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. Depending on the device, you can put whole fruit or cut it into slices to fit it into the machine.

The appliance separates the pulp and extracts the juice into the cup. The juice keeps a significant quantity of nutrients, but it also has a low amount of fiber. Thanks to that, it might be easy to digest.

How Does a Blender Work?

The primary function of a blender is self-explanatory. Its task is to blend the ingredients that you place in the appliance. That makes this device the perfect choice for smoothies. You can mix some fruits and veggies and enjoy a drink loaded with fiber and nutrients.

Although it depends on the food, blender produces smoothie-like results that are denser than juices you extract from juicers. The crucial difference is in fiber quantity, as it is significantly higher if you use a blender.

Can You Make Juice with a Blender?

If you have an appliance that only works as a blender, you can consider adding water or ice to the mixture. That way, you will get a result that reminds more of a juice. Additionally, you may want to consider which fruits and veggies to put in the blender, and find the right recipe.

What Is a Blender Juicer Combo and How It’s Different?

A blender juicer combo is a product that can handle both juicing and blending functions efficiently. The crucial components of these appliances are attachments. The product comes with various accessories that allow you to adjust functions.

The main benefit of using a blender juicer combo is that you will get optimal results regardless of the function you use.

Many products come with other options, too, and you might also be able to grind or chop your food. Thanks to that, you will have unmatchable versatility offered by a single appliance.

Another advantage is that you buy a single product instead of two. That won’t only save you money, but also space on the kitchen counter.

Best Juicer Blender Combo Review

Costway Juicer Blender Combo Specs

The market is filled with products that claim to be able to work as both juicers and blenders. However, we are looking for the best juicer blender combo, and only a single appliance fits that description. That is why we are focusing on reviewing that product below.

COSTWAY Electric 5-in-1 Professional Food Processor and Juicer Combo

Design 9.4 It looks modern and doesn’t take a lot of room.

Features 9.1 A powerful motor and multiple safety features.

Performance 9.2 It can handle various ingredients and deliver consistent results.

Usability 8.9 Simple to use and relatively easy to clean.

Value 9.3 Plenty of functions at an affordable price.


  • Excellent value for the money
  • Reliable and consistent results in both juicing and blending
  • Extra functions, such as chopping, shredding, and grinding
  • A powerful motor that can handle both soft and hard ingredients


  • The product manual is somewhat confusing
  • It can get a bit loud at high-speed setting
Best Juicer and Blender Combo Functions

Design and Construction

The first thing you notice is that the COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor has a classic but elegant design. The two dominant colors are silver and black. These guarantee the product will fit with any décor, especially if you have a modern kitchen. Here are some other things to note about the product’s design and construction.

Dimensions and Weight

The measurements of the product are 12.5″ x 8″ x 15.5.” That means the appliance doesn’t take a lot of room, and it also has a small footprint. You can fit it in compact kitchens as it won’t take a lot of space on countertops.

The only thing to consider is that the product comes with different attachments. You use them based on the function, which means you should find a place where to store components that you don’t use at the moment.

The overall weight of the COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor is 13 pounds, which makes it sturdy and stable during operation.

Serving Cups

The juicer blender combo comes with five different serving cups of various sizes. You can mix and match the cups based on the function that you are utilizing. If you need large quantities of juice at once, you will love that the capacity of the jug is almost two quarts.

The cups are transparent, which means you can easily see how filled they are at any moment. That minimizes the chance of overloading them and making a mess.

Chute Size

The size of the chute is important because it directly affects food preparation. COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor comes with a 75mm chute, which is almost three inches.

That feeder diameter minimizes your effort when preparing food. You won’t have to cut fruit into small slices because large chunks can fit the chute, too. In some cases, even whole fruits can fit into the feeder.

Accessories and Attachments

COSTWAY Electric Food Processor has no less than five different functions. That is why the product comes with the same number of attachments to hook onto the device. You should use specified attachments for juicing, blending, grinding, chopping, or processing food.

As for other accessories, you will get multiple jugs and covers, as well as a pusher that will help to push the ingredients from the feeder into the machine. The manufacturer also included a cleaning brush that fits the components of this product explicitly.


It is time to discuss what COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor is capable of, and the best way to know that is to learn more about product features.

Motor Power

The device comes with a powerful motor whose strength is 800W. It is more than enough to comply with various functions offered by the COSTWAY Multifunction Juice Extractor. It is worth noting that the motor is reliable and capable of delivering your juice within 30 seconds. Also, please note, the appliance operates at 120V.

Control Settings

The controls are simple, and it doesn’t get a lot easier than this. All you need to do is to use a single dial on the side of the product. You use that dial to activate and turn off the device, as well as to adjust the desired speed.

Variable Speeds

COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor can be used at two different speeds. You can choose between low and high settings depending on the food you are processing, or how much you are in a rush.

Variable speeds contribute to the product’s versatility, but also optimize the results. Once you master the right settings for various ingredients, you can enjoy the tastiest juices and smoothies every time you use the machine!

Preset Programs

This juicer blender combo focuses on securing ease of use for its customers regardless of their skill level. However, you won’t find preset programs in this unit. Instead, you can take advantage of the product’s versatility of using various attachments.

The product has five functions, and those include blending, juicing, grinding, chopping, and processing food. If you want to switch between tasks, you only need to change the attachments. There is no need to adjust multiple buttons, which can be a hassle. Instead, you attach the desired accessory and watch the magic happen.

Noise Level

COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor uses a powerful 800W motor. While that helps to deal with various ingredients, it also generates some noise.

Juicers and blenders are not famous for being quiet, and this unit is no exception. It can be a bit loud, mainly if you use the high-speed setting. The noise level is not as high as in some other units, which makes it quite acceptable for a product of this type.


You will love the safety features included in this product. The crucial safety feature will prevent the unit from starting if you failed to assemble all components correctly. That doesn’t only protect the components and performance, but also ensures that you won’t make a mess in your kitchen.

Additionally, the COSTWAY Multifunction Juice Extractor features overload protection. Until you master using the unit, it will protect you from overstuffing the feeder. That way, you will avoid a potential mess, as well as clogging and other issues.


The manufacturer includes a warranty with the COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor. According to the details on the website, the juicer blender combo comes with a 90-day warranty.

While that may not be the most generous warranty out there, it is still an indicator that the manufacturer believes the quality of the products they make.


We already mentioned various functions of the COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor, but two areas are our primary focus. Let’s see how the product performs in those categories.

Juicing functionalities

It is vital to note that the product is efficient in separating the pulp regardless of the ingredients you are processing. Additionally, the pulp container jar and the juicer jug are big enough to make large juice quantities at once.

Here is how the unit handles different ingredients:

  • Soft fruits – fruits like currants, strawberries, and other berries won’t be a problem for this appliance. You can expect a high juice yield with all of them.
  • Hard fruits and vegetables – you might want to use high-speed option for apples, bananas, and other hard fruits and veggies. However, you will find that juicing them delivers above-average yield.
  • Leafy greens – these might be the most inconvenient for juicing in this appliance. The yield will, however, be decent, which means you can juice leafy greens in this machine.

Blender functionalities

What about the blending functionalities of COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor? Here is an overview of what this device can do:

  • Blending smoothies – you can blend any ingredients in this appliance. That means you should only worry about finding the right recipe for a tasty smoothie.
  • Crushing ice & frozen fruits – if you are dreaming about a cold smoothie, feel free to add frozen fruits and crushed ice to the feeder. The powerful motor can handle them well.
  • Pureeing – pureeing is another function of this appliance where it meets user expectations.
  • Chopping – if you are looking to chop food effectively, this device can save significant time and effort.
  • Grinding – you can grind anything from meat to coffee beans, grains, and nuts. The results will be above expectations, but make sure to use high-speed settings for coffee beans and meat.
  • Shredding – if you would like to shred meat or other ingredients, this appliance will help you do that effectively.


Is it easy to use and clean COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor? That is what we will find out in this section. Take a look at the questions below and learn more about the product’s usability.

How easy is it to operate the product?

The chute is almost three inches wide (75mm), which minimizes food preparation. Thanks to the wide chute, you can place large chunks or whole fruits inside. It is an essential stage of preparing juices and smoothies, and the big chute makes the entire process easier.

When it comes to controls, they are as simple as they can get. You will find the dial to activate the juicer on the side of the unit. That dial also allows you to choose between two available speeds.

COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor comes with overload protection. If you put too many ingredients in the chute, the appliance won’t start working until you remove some of the pieces.

How easy is it to assemble and disassemble?

The product doesn’t come assembled, which means you will need to connect the parts. The manual offers instructions, but they are a bit confusing. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have any big problems assembling the unit.

Once you figure out the assembly process, everything will become a lot easier. You will need to disassemble some components to clean them, but that simplifies the cleaning process.

An important thing to mention is that the product has a safety feature that prevents it from starting if it isn’t correctly assembled. Even if you do something wrong, you can’t compromise the performance, which is vital for newbies.

How to clean the product?

COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor comes with a large number of components and attachments. The more parts you use while preparing food, the more time-consuming the cleaning process will be.

The cleaning process starts by removing detachable components. That includes juice containers, slag pot, strainer, cover, and food pusher. These parts are also dishwasher-friendly, which makes them easy to clean.

The manufacturer also includes a cleaning brush to reach all those tricky spots where small pieces might be stuck. The entire process requires a bit of time and effort, but it is not difficult. We suggest cleaning as soon as you finish using the unit. Otherwise, pieces may adhere to the components, and it will be much more difficult to remove them.

What’s the product’s durability?

The manufacturer used stainless steel and plastic when designing the product. The components seem to be of excellent quality, but they are not the most durable parts out there. The motor strength and durability are acceptable.

You can increase the overall longevity of the product with regular maintenance. However, please note that this is an entry-level multifunction food processor. It is not a premium product, and you shouldn’t expect miracles from it.

Value for the Money

COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor provides a lot of bang for the buck. The product has an excellent ratio between cost and quality.

First of all, it can handle both juicing and blending. That means the device combines the functionality of appliances that you would otherwise buy separately. At this price, that very thing is enough to confirm the food processor offers excellent value for the money.

If you add the functions of grinding, chopping, and processing food, you realize that you get an incredibly versatile unit at a budget-friendly price. It may not be the most durable product out there, but even if it serves you for a year or two, it will be a smart investment.

What Features to Consider When Choosing a Juicer Blender Combo?

Are you wondering how to choose a juicer blender combo? Features can broadly vary from one product to another. These are the factors that can help you to make a smart purchasing decision.

Motor Power

Motor power is the best way to discover how strong a juicer blender combo is. Masticating slow juice machines don’t use powerful motors, but centrifugal fast units operating at high speeds require a motor of at least 700W.

Blenders also need a reliable and robust motor to work correctly. That is especially important when blending hard fruits and other ingredients that are tough to process. It is why experts recommend that blenders should be equipped with at least 600W motor.

Although you will find stronger units, it is enough o keep the motor power of a juicer blender combo between 600 and 1,000W. That way, you will keep the optimal quantity of nutrients while ensuring that the device can handle different ingredients.


Did you know that juicer blender combos often come with multiple containers? In some cases, each function has a separate jar or cup.

You want to assess the size of these containers, and ensure that they fit your needs. Pay particular attention to the pulp collection pot. Its task is to collect separated pulp during the juicing process.

That is why the container should be big enough to produce large juice quantities without having to stop to empty the pot.

Controls and Speeds

Although they may seem complicated, juicer blender combos are easy to use. It all comes down to using the right accessories and selecting the right speed.

Some units offer you the chance to choose between multiple speeds. That way, you can process soft fruit at low speed to maximize nutrients, or use the high speed to accelerate the process and ensure the machine handles hard fruit.

The controls are usually located on the side of the appliance. Some units feature a dial to alter the speed, and others are controlled with the use of buttons. Either of these ways is easy to learn, and you should master the controls quickly.


When it comes to versatility, we should consider two things:

  • What ingredients can the device handle? – depending on the strength, the appliance can process soft and hard ingredients.
  • What functions does it have? – apart from juicing and blending, you may also be able to grind, chop, or mince the ingredients.

A juicer blender combo should be able to handle a wide range of ingredients. Additional functions also increase the product’s versatility and boost the value it delivers to the buyer.

Construction & Design

The base of a juicer blender combo should be made of stainless steel or another durable material. Suction cups can help to stay in place while in operation.

As for the containers, plastic is the most common choice of manufacturers. Unlike glass, you can’t break it if you accidentally drop it on the floor.

Make sure to choose BPA-free plastic, which ensures that harmful compounds won’t get in touch with the juice you are drinking.

Ease of Cleaning

If you ask an experienced user of a juicer or a blender, the worst part about owning these appliances is cleaning them. Combo products are not that different, which is why you should look for all possibilities that make the cleaning easier.

First, you will need to detach some components to clean them. The process of disassembly and assembly should be simple. Additionally, it would help if some parts are dishwasher-safe that would make cleaning them more comfortable.


It is always lovely to see that the product you are purchasing is covered with a warranty. That applies to juicer blender combos, too. A warranty shows that the manufacturer is ready to stand behind the product they made, and it is a guarantee that they designed a high-quality appliance.

Conclusion: Should You Buy a Juicer Blender All-In-One Combo?

You are the only one who knows the answer to this question. Some users prefer getting separate appliances to ensure they maximize each function. But if you are looking for maximum value for the money, and a single device that can perform multiple tasks, COSTWAY 5-in-1 Food Processor can be a wise choice.

The product is reliable, and it will meet your expectations in both areas. It is probably the best juicer blender combo on the market. If you are looking for this type of product, make sure to give it a shot.