Are you looking for the best juicer blender combo? If you need a device that delivers maximum value for the money, check out this review and learn how to find it!

Have you ever used juicers and blenders? Both appliances can be handy, and the choice depends on your preference. But what if you like both juices and smoothies, and you are looking for a device that can perform both tasks?

The solution lies in finding the best juicer blender combo! These appliances are versatile and capable of delivering smoothies and juices and even performing additional functions.

In this article, we are focusing on learning more about juicer blender combos. You will learn about their crucial features, and what makes them unique compared to similar appliances. Finally, we will present the best product in this category, and review it to the smallest detail.

Juicer vs. Blender: What’s the Difference?

Let’s start with a short overview of the differences between juicers and blenders. You will often find these as separate appliances on the market. That is understandable because they have different functions.

How Does a Juicer Work?

The task of a juicer is to extract juice from fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. Depending on the device, you can put whole fruit or cut it into slices to fit it into the machine.

The appliance separates the pulp and extracts the juice into the cup. The juice keeps a significant quantity of nutrients, but it also has a low amount of fiber. Thanks to that, it might be easy to digest.

How Does a Blender Work?

The primary function of a blender is self-explanatory. Its task is to blend the ingredients that you place in the appliance. That makes this device the perfect choice for smoothies. You can mix some fruits and veggies and enjoy a drink loaded with fiber and nutrients.

Although it depends on the food, blender produces smoothie-like results that are denser than juices you extract from juicers. The crucial difference is in fiber quantity, as it is significantly higher if you use a blender.

Can You Make Juice with a Blender?

If you have an appliance that only works as a blender, you can consider adding water or ice to the mixture. That way, you will get a result that reminds more of a juice. Additionally, you may want to consider which fruits and veggies to put in the blender, and find the right recipe.

What Is a Blender Juicer Combo and How It’s Different?

A blender juicer combo is a product that can handle both juicing and blending functions efficiently. The crucial components of these appliances are attachments. The product comes with various accessories that allow you to adjust functions.

The main benefit of using a blender juicer combo is that you will get optimal results regardless of the function you use.

Many products come with other options, too, and you might also be able to grind or chop your food. Thanks to that, you will have unmatchable versatility offered by a single appliance.

Another advantage is that you buy a single product instead of two. That won’t only save you money, but also space on the kitchen counter.


Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade with Self-Cleaning Container

Vitamix is a popular manufacturer of blenders, and this brand has been on the market for years. They seem to be right at the top when it comes to popularity, but what about the product’s usefulness? We wanted to see how well these units perform when it comes to juicing, which is why we picked Vitamix 5200. 

It is one of the best-selling models made by this company. The first thing we noticed is that the appliance comes with a long six-feet cord. That should make positioning it in the desired position easy.

You will appreciate the fact that Vitamix 5200 has a small footprint. The base contains a high-performance motor equipped with a cooling fan.

The entire thermal protection system will keep the motor safe from overheating, and ensure there are no performance issues over time. 

The large container goes on top of the motor, which is why Vitamix 5200 is a bit tall. You should secure enough room between the counter and the cabinet for this appliance, or don’t keep it under the cabinets.

The Juicing Process

Once we assembled everything, it was time to start juicing with Vitamix 5200. The instruction manual is helpful, and it showed all details that we needed to know.

The blender comes with multiple speeds available, and you can control them with a dial at the front of the unit. The speed can vary from one to ten, which means you have plenty of freedom in choosing the desired adjustment.

Now, when it comes to juicing, you will probably want to go with a higher speed setting. That is because the juice shouldn’t have a thick consistency, or that’s not how most people imagine it.

Is it even possible to get a juice-like consistency with this blender? The answer is yes, but you will need to experiment for a bit. The exact time depends on the fruit or veggie that you add, but we found that approximately 60-90 seconds will be required to reach the desired consistency.

The good news is that this blender juicer combo is incredibly powerful and capable of pulverizing even the toughest ingredients. That makes it very versatile and suitable for different produce. You will appreciate that fact once you start experimenting with various recipes and combine fruits and veggies. 

Users will also benefit from other adjustments, such as the one to use the Pulse function. Thanks to that, you can even make soups or salsas. It is not directly tied to juicing, but it adds to the versatility of Vitamix 5200.

Is It Easy to Clean?

Once you are done juicing, the self-cleaning process will get the machine clean in less than 60 seconds. Overall, the unit is surprisingly durable, and you will love the juice yield and quality that comes out when using it.

Also, the generous 64-ounce juice container will ensure that you can make juice for multiple people at once.

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Blendtec Designer Series Blender – WildSide+ Jar (90 oz) – Professional-Grade Power – Self-Cleaning – 6 Pre-programmed Cycles – 8-Speeds

Blendtec is a top-quality choice for smoothies, but will you need a separate option for juicing? The answer is no because this item is another appliance famous as the blender juicer combo. It comes with multiple speeds and pre-set cycles, and that is what enables you to tailor the result to your preference.

What You Should Know About the Blender

The appliance comes with a reasonably small footprint, and it is relatively light and easy to move around. It comes with a 90-ounce juice container that can process a lot of ingredients at the same time.

The container features a unique shape, and it is a bit wider than usual. Thanks to that, Blendtec’s Blender isn’t too tall, giving you more freedom to choose a suitable position.

The manufacturer used top-quality materials, including a BPA-free container, to ensure there are no harmful compounds in your juice. The product has six pre-programmed cycles, which maximize its versatility. It allows you to mix and match between juicing and blending as you see fit.

The Benefit of the Whole Juice Option 

The main advantage of using a Blendtec Designer Series blender lies in the fact that it is equipped with a Whole Juice option. It is only one of the seven functions, but it is what you want to pursue if you want a tasty juice. 

Now, juicing whole foods is famous as an excellent way to retain the fiber from fruits and veggies. If you use the higher speed adjustment, you will get a thinner consistency and a tasty juice.

While the quantity of fibers might be lower than at slower speeds, you will enjoy a considerable amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. That means you will be getting both a healthy and delicious juice every time you use this machine!

The biggest trick when using a blender for juicing is to achieve the desired consistency. That is where you benefit from different speed settings. Blendtec Designer Series comes with eight different speeds, and it is easy to find suitable adjustments. 

We experimented with different settings, but we find higher speeds to be better options for juicing. You can go with medium speed if you like a bit more pulp.

Alternatively, turn it up to the highest velocity for the thinnest juice consistency. If you have a strainer nearby, it can also be a great way to ensure that you don’t’ have to deal with pulp if you don’t like it.

Is It a Smart Investment?

The blender juicer combo made by Blendtec is incredibly versatile, and it operates quietly. The touchscreen is a nice touch since it simplifies controlling the device.

You can process different ingredients effortlessly and ensure to get consistent results. The cleaning process is also simple since the appliance is equipped with a self-cleaning function. The only effort you need to make is to add some water and soap and activate the cleaning feature.

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Ninja Duo w/Micro-Juice Technology

Here is the main thing to know about Ninja Duo – while it is a blender juicer combo, there is a better way to describe it. We would say it is a juicer with additional functions, including blending, pureeing, etc.

The product combines the classic black color with silver shades and the see-through plastic juice container. The container features a 72-ounce total capacity, and it can fit 64 ounces of liquid. That should be enough to prepare a glass of fresh juice for three to four people.

The Juicing Experience with Ninja Duo

The assembly process was fairly simple, and the instruction manual is helpful. The entire control panel is on the front of the unit, and all buttons are marked clearly. The device uses the so-called auto-IQ system, and the primary function is juice. 

The juicing button is at the center, and it is nice to see that function is the primary one in this unit. Ninja Duo also comes with other options for processing ingredients, including pureeing, blending, making a frozen drink, ice cream, a smoothie, or a dressing. You can also use extract, pulse, and low, and high-speed functions.

The control panel features a Drink Saver option. The idea of this feature is the remove the air once you make the juice. Thanks to that, you can preserve the drink for up to 72 hours. That means the juice longevity is extended, while the nutrient quantity remains generous over time.

Are you wondering if Ninja Duo can handle both soft and hard produce? If that is your question, allow us to tell you that this appliance comes with a 1,400W motor.

That is a product with an exceptional peak strength capable of crushing any fruit or veggie out there. Whatever your recipe of the day is, you can rest assured that you will get a healthy and delicious juice.

We were eager to try the Micro-juice filter. The manufacturer implemented it in the pitcher to ensure that the pulp gets filtered out when you are juicing.

That way, you will enjoy a true juice that is almost entirely pulp-free. It is an extremely convenient feature that will ensure you get the desired nutrient quantity every time you use the appliance.

The spout comes with a lid that can seal it to minimize the mess when operating Ninja Duo. That can be a crucial feature for those who don’t appreciate drips on the kitchen countertop. 

Is It Worth Buying?

Ninja is a reputable brand, and their products are almost always worth buying because they deliver plenty of bang for the buck. The same is the case with Ninja Duo that comes with a micro-juice technology. 

The product is durable and long=lasting, and it is capable of delivering consistent results. Add to that the versatility and various functions available, and you get a fantastic product that can last for years.

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Nutri Ninja Personal Blender with 1000-Watt Auto-iQ Base

Ninja made multiple juicers that feature their auto IQ feature. The idea is for the appliance to have simple adjustments, and to offer you an easy way to control the juicing process fully. As for the Nutri Ninja blender BL482, it looks like a standard blender. 

It has a black and silver housing with the control buttons at the front. You will find a juice container at the top, and you put it with the upper part down on top of the case.

That simplifies the entire preparation process – you add everything to the cup, and mount it on the housing. After the juicer finishes, you remove the cup and remove the lid. It ensures that there will be no mess at any point, which guarantees that the kitchen will remain clean.

Is It Easy to Juice with Nutri Ninja?

We started with the assembly process and discovered that setting up cannot be simpler than Nutri Ninja. You only have several components available, and the long cord will ensure that you can place it in the desired location.

Adding the ingredients doesn’t require a lot of preparation because you don’t have to cut them into chunks that are too small. The minimal effort you have to invest is due to the machine being equipped with a powerful 1,000W motor.

It is capable of crushing any ingredient out there, which guarantees impressive versatility. You can experiment with custom recipes, and feel free to mix and match fruits and veggies as you see fit.

The control buttons are situated at the front, and there are only several options available. The Auto-IQ approach simplifies the entire process. You can pick between blend and ultra-blend, and we would suggest the latter if you are looking for a thinner and juice-like consistency. 

Apart from this, you can also try the Pulse feature. The great thing is that you can start and stop the appliance yourself. If you are not happy with the results, all you need to do is keep the active product longer. Nutri Ninja BL482 is powerful enough to secure the desired consistency eventually. 

Is It Easy to Clean?

Unlike some similar units, this one doesn’t have the self-cleaning function. However, it doesn’t cause a mess, which makes it quite easy to clean. You will need to invest a bit of effort into getting the residue from nooks and crannies at the blades. However, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to clean everything.

Overall, Nutri Ninja BL48 can be a smart choice. You will appreciate that you can pick between multiple functions, and decide how long to keep the product active. The results will be impressive, and you will love the taste and nutritional value of the juice.

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NutriBullet Pro Plus

NutriBullet is another brand that has been on the market for years, and it achieved the status of being a popular choice among the fans of a healthy lifestyle and tasty juices. We focused on testing the NutriBullet Pro Plus since that is one of the company’s latest models.

The classic design won’t surprise you. The company has made it a standard to use a container to turn upside down and connect to the housing. The augers are connected to the lid (you also get a lid without the augers to use when drinking the beverage). 

You get two juice containers, and they are both of a generous capacity. That means you can make a single cup to drink right away, and some more juice to use on the go.

Is Controlling the Unit Easy?

What if we tell you that the product has a single button? It says Pulse, and you press it when you want to activate the appliance. Some older NutriBullets required you to press the container to turn on the motor manually.

However, that is not the case here. The Pro Plus model offers a hands-free operation that doesn’t require any effort from the user.

The product is equipped with a 1,200W motor. It is a powerful component that can process even the toughest ingredients. When it comes to juicing, you can keep the unit active until you achieve the desired consistency.

There is no danger of overheating because the product comes with an automatic shut-off timer. Once it has worked for a long time and needs a break, it will turn off automatically. You can continue processing the ingredients after that to get the desired consistency.

Here is another expert tip – if you want the result to resemble a juice that is pulp-free and not thick, go ahead and add some more water. The only thing important is not to cross over the MAX line.

As long as you do that, it is up to you to decide how much water to add to the drink. You might have fewer nutrients because of more water, but the juice will be perfectly in line with your taste!

What Ingredients Can You Add to NutriBullet?

NutriBullet Pro Plus is a product that is capable of handling various ingredients effortlessly. Whether you are adding only soft products, or throw in a couple of leafy greens and hard fruits, too, you will be impressed with the results. 

The manufacturer advises how to get the most out of a juicing mixture. The formula should go as follows:

  • Keep the content of fruit at around half of the added ingredients.
  • Add broccoli, spinach, or other leafy greens (about two handfuls)
  • Use almond milk or coconut water rather than tap water. It increases the nutritional value while securing there are no harmful compounds inside.
  • Consider adding flax or chia seeds for additional fiber content.

These are general guidelines, which means you don’t have to stick to them all the time. The manufacturer secured a small book with recipes with the instruction manual. You can also find numerous other recipes on the internet.

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Conclusion: Should You Buy a Juicer Blender Combo?

You are the only one who knows the answer to this question. Some users prefer getting separate appliances to ensure they maximize each function.

But if you are looking for maximum value for the money, and a single device that can perform multiple tasks, Ninja Duo w/Micro-Juice Technology can be a wise choice.

The product is reliable, and it will meet your expectations in both areas. It is probably the best juicer blender combo on the market. If you are looking for this type of product, make sure to give it a shot.