If you’re looking for a juicer machine that offers an improved juice quality and doesn’t mind a little extra waiting, the Omega J8006HDS juicer might be for you. This masticating slow juicer has a lot to offer consumers that value a longer shelf life, higher juice yield, and reduced oxidation in their juice.

The popularity of juicing seems to soar to greater heights every year. High demand means a greater quantity of products, all competing for your hard-earned cash, which can make the right decision difficult. 

Although centrifugal force juicers have always dominated the market, the Omega J8006HDS Juicer is the first masticating juicer to really catch my attention. 

In this review, I’ll share my experience with the Omega J8006HDS juicer. You will learn why faster speed doesn’t always mean better when it comes to a high-quality juicer.

The Rankings on the Omega J8006HDS Juicer

  • Juice Quality: 8.9 – There is a notable difference in overall juice quality compared to my experiences with centrifugal force juicers. 
  • Ease of Use: 8.0 – The Omega J8006HDS is relatively easy to assemble. At the same time, this may not hold for every user. Omega Juices offers a comprehensive user manual that will answer most, if not all, questions about assembly and daily use.
  • Noise Level: 9.5 – While this juicer is far from silent, it is a night and day difference compared to noisy juicer types like the popular centrifugal force juicers.
  • Versatility: 9.6 – The Omega J8006HDS’ dual stage juice processing system makes it a versatile juicer that can be used for various functions. While this juicer can sometimes experience difficulty taking on the tasks most juicers just aren’t designed for, it handles the most impressive efficiency.
  • Performance: 8.5 – The Omega J8006HDS promises a lot and delivers in most of those ways. Unfortunately, the areas of performance where it falters are apparent.
  • Ease of Cleaning: 9.8 – With all attachments being completely top-rack dishwasher safe, this juicer offers one of the most comfortable cleaning processes of any juicer I have used. 


  • High juice yield
  • High juice quality
  • Longer shelf life
  • Slow operating speed reduces heat build-up.
  • Multi-functional
  • Quiet operation


  • Slow juice processing
  • Average performance with hard produce
  • Narrow feeding chute 
Bottom Line:
Overall, the Omega J8006HDS Juicer is a great masticating juicer that will provide the most value to a specific group of juicing enthusiasts. Those will benefit from its excellent quality juice and ability to juice leafy greens. Also, the juicer offers quiet operation and longer shelf life than produced by centrifugal juicers.
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Who Should Use the Omega J8006HDS Juicer?

If there’s one thing that my time with the Omega J8006HDS Juicer has taught me, it’s classic juicers aren’t the best choice for everyone, even if they are the more popular option. Though the speed and “get-fit-quick” convenience found in centrifugal juicers determine factors for many, masticating juicers have a lot to offer a particular audience. 

Omega Juicers manufacturer is known for designing pressure juicers that produce very little noise. Simultaneously, the absence of all that unpleasant noise doesn’t mean there isn’t some serious power packed into the Omega J8006HDS Juicer. 

This juicing machine can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. Using a cold press extraction process that can’t be matched when preserving those precious nutrients, you won’t have to worry. Added benefits of this juicer cold press extraction process include a much longer shelf life for your juice and reduced oxidation chances.

 If a busy schedule demands very little of your time for a juicing routine, you may find yourself regretting your purchase when it comes to the Omega J800HDS. While I didn’t mind a short extra waiting time if it meant I’d be getting the most out of my juice, I realize the same won’t hold for everyone.

What Type of Juicer is Omega J8006HDS?

If you’re new to juicing, you may be wondering what type of juicer the Omega J8006HDS is and how it differs from other popular products. The J8006HDS is a masticating juicer, a relatively new type of juicer known as “slow juicers.” Masticating juicers are known for producing an exceptionally high juice yield and notably dry pulp.

Masticating Juicers vs. Centrifugal Juicers: What’s the Difference?

So what exactly differentiates masticating juicers from centrifugal juicers? Centrifugal juicers are the most widely available type of juicer in the industry and are well-known for producing juice much more quickly than other models. 

Centrifugal high-speed juicers utilize a blade to chop up produce before spinning it at a high enough speed to extract the juice. Then it passes the juice through a strainer basket designed to catch the dry pulp. This spinning system truly differentiates centrifugal juicers from the competition, and it enables them to cut the juicing time demanded from other products in half. 

Masticating slow machines go about the juicing process much differently than their centrifugal counterparts. This results in a juicer that is capable of a much higher juice yield. 

Masticating juicers employ a single gear to grind produce down into a pulp, releasing a juice with a much higher nutrient concentration. This method means a much longer wait time compared to its competitors. If you have a hectic schedule, I would advise against this juicer.

Omega J8006HDS Overview

When it came time for me to test the Omega J8006HDS out for myself, I was a little skeptical. After years of using a centrifugal juicer exclusively, I worried that I would find myself frustrated that the J8006HDS couldn’t match the speed I had been used to. 

Nevertheless, my interest was peaked at the prospect of a higher juice yield- something I hadn’t experienced up to that point. Design. In terms of design, J8006HDS made a great impression when I took it out of the box. 

The low-speed horizontal juicer features a stylish silver/chrome finish, making it far from an eyesore. Although this base color option may not set the J8006HDS apart from the pack, I appreciated the simplicity. I believe that chrome appliances are a great example of the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” ideology. 

To give you an idea of what to expect in regards to size, the Omega J8006HDS comes with dimensions of 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches and weighs a total of 13 pounds. The space this product will take up in your kitchen isn’t much of a deviation from most juicers on the market. I was able to find space for it quickly enough. I was impressed with the number of features and power that Omega Juices could fit into such a small body.

While the overall size of the J8006HDS didn’t present any significant concerns, its feed chute size was a different matter entirely. With a small feed chute size of just 1.5″, the J8006HDS was unable to receive as much produce at once as I would have liked. 

This meant that I had to spend even more time chopping fruits and vegetables into smaller portions before the feed chute would work its magic.

Omega J8006HDS Performance


While I was somewhat indifferent to the Omega J8006HDS’ design overall, I had high hopes when it came time to evaluate its performance. Armed with various items of varied sizes and consistencies, I was more than ready to see just what this masticating juicer could do. As I had expected, this juicer delivered a noticeably better taste and texture than any I had used before. 

Processing at a rate of 80 RPM and using its dual stage juice processing system, the J8006HDS delivered a higher yield of juice. Also, there was no substantial foaming or clogging due to the machine’s lack of heat build-up.

I used a mix of hard and soft produce ranging from carrots and oranges to wheatgrass and leafy greens. I gave the juicer challenge after challenge and was amazed by the difference between quantity, consistency, and flavor. 

While this masticating juicer was excellent at processing softer produce (leafy greens in particular), it should be noted. But it did run into a bit of trouble in regards to harder fruits and vegetables, however. 

In my past experiences, centrifugal juicers had always yielded a substantial amount of juice when using carrots, but the J8006HDS yielded far less. While it wasn’t a huge difference, it was something that I observed. 

You’ll likely have to buy extra hard produce to yield the same amount of juice that you are used to. Omega Juices advertises the J8006HDS as a multi-purpose machine that produces a higher quality of juice and allows the chance for a much wider variety when it comes to your juicing routine. 

I was excited to test this out for myself and was rather pleased to find that the product was proficient at creating nut butter and pasta. Best of all, I was pleased with the results when I attempted to grind my own coffee beans, something that I had never done with a juicing product before.

Before we move on to the Omega J8006HDS Juicer’s features, here is a complete breakdown of some of my experiences with the juicer:

  • Although this juicer excels in processing soft produce, it will have a much easier time juicing soft fruit that has been refrigerated.
  • Using both soft and hard produce in a single session, take care to alternate between the two types, starting with the softer fruit first.
  • Keep the machine running for a few seconds after placing the last ingredient into the hopper. This will ensure you’re getting the most juice possible.
  • If some extracted juice ends up running into the pulp bowl and not the juice bowl, don’t immediately assume that something is wrong like I did. It turns out that this is entirely normal and will likely cease once the ejection area is filled with pulp.

Omega J8006HDS Features

  • Motor Power/Variable Speed. Let’s take a look at the features that set the Omega J8006HDS at the top compared to other masticating juicers. The machine is equipped with a powerful 200-watt industrial motor running at a slow 80 RPM. This motor certainly packs a punch and enables the juicer to perform to a higher standard than other masticating juicers. If your experience were anything like mine, these specs would offer you a lot of juice without the excessive heat build-up common among other juicers.
  • Capacity. As I alluded to before, you will find that you cannot load as much produce into the J8006HDS at once. This is due to the narrow chute size. If you are attempting to run a lot of produce through the juicer in one sitting, you will need to exercise patience and cut it into smaller chunks. However, if you do end up stuffing in too much at once, the juicer’s built-in reverse function will unclog the chute reasonably quickly.
  • Assembly Difficulty. Although the Omega J8006HDS comes with many different components in the box, the assembly wasn’t an overly complicated process. The provided user instruction manual was detailed and easy to follow. If you experience any difficulty during the assembly of your J8006HDS, there are also several useful YouTube videos online that you can use as a visual guide. It took me less than one minute to get everything put together.
  • Auto Pulp Ejection System and Drip Stopper. I was thoroughly impressed by this juicer’s auto pulp ejection system as well. The ejected pulp was mainly dry and comfortable to handle upon removal. The machine did a great job overall. When it came to extracting the juice, separating the flesh, and making it dry enough, it didn’t cause a huge mess. The Omega J80006HDS’s drip stopping design also does a thorough job of barring any excess juice from leaking out after use.
  • Noise Level. As promised, the Omega J8006HDS is extraordinarily quiet. While other juicers run at much quicker rates ranging between 6,500 and 12,000 RPM on average, this slow juicer focuses its strengths elsewhere, resulting in a significant amount of noise reduction. If you like to juice early in the morning while many members of your family are still sleeping, this might be a viable option for you.
  • Durability. As with any Omega juicer product, the J8006HDS juicer is built with sturdy, reliable materials that guarantee long-term use. One example of the juicer’s superior durability is found in the augers. The augers are made with patented GE Ultem plastic that is known for its strength and durability. In the case of masticating juicers, the auger’s power makes all the difference and gives it a much higher chance of withstanding stress as the years go on.
  • Accessories. I was pleased to find that the Omega J8006HDS Juicer comes with many accessories to support a wide range of functions. Here is a complete list of the attachments you can expect to find in the box: 1 Cleaning Brush, 1 Juice Bowl, 1 Pulp Bowl, 1 Straining Sieve, 1 Pusher, 4 Pasta Nozzles, 2 Breadstick Nozzles.
  • Safety. A comprehensive safety guide is included in the user instruction manual found in the Omega J8006HDS’ packaging. In thumbing through it after first assembling my new juicer, I took note of some essential safety precautions:
    • Avoid splashing water on the base of the juicer. This may lead to moisture being absorbed into the juicer’s switch, resulting in an increased risk of electric shock or fire.
    • Always confirm that the hopper is locked properly before an operation. 
    • Always ensure that the juicer is secured on a flat and stable surface.
    • Never insert ingredients into the feeding tube with your fingers! The juicer’s included pusher is there for a reason and is the only method that should be used.
  • Warranty. If you don’t believe me in terms of the J8006HDS’ impressive durability, you will be happy to know that Omega Juicers has extended a 15-year warranty for this product. This warranty covers all parts and performance and for such a premium price, in my opinion, it should.
  • Care and Cleaning. Omega Juicers recommends cleaning your juicer after every use, and I was wary that a complicated care and cleaning process might dissuade me from doing so. After my time with the Omega J8006HDS, I am happy to report that it is elementary to clean and maintain. As it turns out, all of this juicer’s attachments and accessories are top-rack dishwashers safe. However, I recommend sticking to a strict practice of cleaning the parts by hand immediately after use. While I did hold the attachments into the dishwasher on a few occasions, I found instances of build-up hardening. I cleaned my juicer by disassembling the juicer (once the power was off, of course) and placing all of the parts into hot water. Next, I would add a little soap and use the cleaning brush included with the juicer to carefully remove all of the extra pulp caught up in the screen and sieve.You can complete the entire cleaning process by hand, or you can proceed to load all of the attachments into the dishwasher for an extra clean. Either way, I was happy with the fact that the Omega J8006HDS Juicer demanded very little of my time and attention when it came to keeping it clean and well-maintained.

Omega J8006HDS Overall Value 

It’s finally that time. After using the Omega J8006HDS for an extended period, what are my final thoughts on its value? With a hefty price tag, this juicer certainly isn’t for everyone.

I can confidently say that the J8006HDS is one of the best masticating juicers on the market without question. It does everything that a quality masticating juicer should do, and it does it well. 

Regardless, this isn’t the juicer for you if you are shopping on a budget. If you’re looking for a reliable masticating juicer that will give you a high quality juicing experience every time and don’t mind spending a little extra to get it, however, you should definitely consider the Omega J8006HDS.

What Others Are Saying About the Omega J8006HDS

Before electing to purchase a juicer with a premium price tag, it’s always best to make sure that you’ll be receiving a premium product. The best way to know what to expect is by reading reviews, like this one, to find out what others are saying.

Amazon customers seem to be happy with the Omega J8006HDS overall. The juicer holds an average customer rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, according to the feedback of nearly 4,000 customers. 

One Amazon customer called the J8006HDS a “juicing powerhouse,” reporting that it had become her go-to juicer within a few weeks of use. I found that most customers (myself included) seemed to have an overwhelmingly positive experience with this masticating juicer. 

It appears that many customers were concerned that the slow processing time would make them regret their purchase. But they found that a higher juice yield and juice quality was well worth the wait. One reviewer states that the process usually takes her about 12-20 minutes total and that she was more than happy to wait in exchange for a longer shelf-life. 

It is equally important to note the negative feedback given by a few unhappy customers, even if they do seem to be in the minority. Another customer was less than happy with his juicer due to repeated instances of broken parts.

He states that he has owned his juicer for 3 years and that the components “break all the time.” He also reports a negative experience with customer service in that the replacement parts that he needs are consistently out of stock. 

Customer service seemed to be a recurring problem in many of the user reviews I came across. Another user wrote that customer service was virtually unresponsive after her juicer’s auger became worn and torn. It resulted in her replacing the parts herself rather than replaced by the warranty.

Omega J8006HDS Alternatives

So how does the Omega J8006HDS compare to other juicers on the market? Let’s take a closer look at a direct comparison between the J8006HDS and five other well-known juicers.

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer 

The Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer is an excellent alternative for customers looking for a more affordable masticating juicer. Similar to the J8006HDS, this Aicok juicer has a quiet motor, reverse function to reduce clogging, and is easy to clean.

It also runs at a slow 80 RPM when grinding ingredients for juice extraction. Costing its average price, this juicer can give you a comparable experience for a little less. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Full Review

Breville 800JEXL

The Breville 800JEXL is another juicer with an expensive price tag, so this isn’t an alternative to consider if you want to save money. What might be particularly attractive to customers when comparing the Breville 800JEXL to the Omega J8006HDS juicer is a very notable difference in speed. This juicer runs at two different speed settings: high (13,000 RPM) and low (6,500 RPM). The 800JEXL won’t give you as high of a juice yield as the J8006HDS, but it will definitely get the job done quickly. Breville 800JEXL Full Review

Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite

The Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite is a masticating juicer for those who favor a quicker juicing process than can be found in the J8006HDS. Running at 110 RPM as compared to the Omega’s 80 RPM, the Greenstar Elite offers a similar cold press juice extracting process that will provide all of the same benefits. The catch? The Greenstar Elite is much more expensive.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000S

The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000S is an ultra-efficient juicer running at 60 RPM. With a 240 watt motor, this juicer is sturdy and durable. I like most when directly comparing the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000S to the Omega J8006HDS is the difference in chute feed size. One of the things that bothered me most about the Omega J8006HDS was its narrow chute that inhibited a speedy juicing process. The B6000S, on the other hand, features a 3″ extra-wide chute, so you’ll spend a lot less time slicing your ingredients down to fit.

Is the Omega J8006HDS Right Juicer For You?

The Omega J8006HDS Juicer is the cream of the crop when it comes to masticating juicers. If you can afford the cost of this premium juicer, you’ll receive premium juicing features in return. 

While this juicer does have its flaws ranging from a narrow chute, slow processing time, and mediocre performance with hard produce, but it does what a typical masticating juicer is supposed to do, and it does it well. 

If you don’t have room in your busy schedule for a little extra waiting for your daily juicing routine, I would consider a centrifugal juicer instead. If you’re someone who has always wished that you could get more out of your centrifugal juicer, however, I encourage you to give this juicer a try. 

Sure, you’ll have to be a little more patient, but the improved juice quality you’ll receive in exchange for your time can be more than worth it. Do your own research, consider the alternatives, and determine whether or not the Omega J8006HDS is the best juicer for you!

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