Do you enjoy the smell of fresh juice and enjoy making quality fruit or veggie juices? Thanks to the SKG juicers review, you can now make healthy juices that offer the best nutrition factors. Let’s see whether it is as good as people say, or is it all just a hype.

Are you tired of blending every household item with a regular blender? Do you just hate the idea of consuming fresh juices in the morning because of the fear of peeling the skin and cleaning everything afterward? 

Well, the SKG juicer might be perfect for you. Whether it’s achieving your personal fitness goals or healthy living, SKG juicers can be a great time saver. In just a few minutes, you can enjoy drinking your favorite veggie and fruit concoction. 

SKG is not new in the market. Its masticating juicers have been used by juice lovers long before juice became popular. As such, the SKG devices have recorded a lot of enthusiasm by consumers. 

Because they allow them to produce concoctions that are healthy but refreshing, adding a unique, tasty beverage that combines their best vegetables and fruits. 

Why Buy SKG Juicer?

From the research work, the SKG is one of the leading masticating juicers that comes with an ergonomic design. Furthermore, it’s a silent juicer, and it can handle a larger quantity of fruits because of its large size. Likewise, you can use it comfortably thanks to the handles on the machine. 

 That aside, here are some top reasons why you should go for the SKG device.

Latest Patent Design

Once you set your eyes on the SKG juicer, you will notice the difference between a regular juicer and this premium device. It is one of the top SKG slow juicers with high-quality performance. 

The SKG is designed to accommodate users of all juicing desires. It features a large 3.15 inches flip-over feeding chute that handles whole oranges and apples. Additionally, there is a smaller, long chute for celery or carrot that eliminates the need to chop everything into small pieces. 

Clogging isn’t a problem at the crushing phase. Even if something gets stuck, there’s a reverse button you can press to unjam it. The slow juicer features two strainers: one has fine holes for lighter juice, and the other one has bigger holes to allow some pulp into the juice when you want to have more fiber in your drink.

Wide Feed Chute

The SKG juicer features a wide feed chute that reduces the preparation time. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about chopping off the whole ingredients; you push whole veggies and fruits right through. 

For this reason, it’s one of the best juicers in the market within slow juicing machines. Not only does this feature minimizes the prep time, but it also eases cleaning once you’re done. Even so, you will need to cut those fibrous veggies, such as celery, into smaller pieces. 

If you fail to do this, the fibrous produce can end up clogging the sharp bend in the mash outlet, and that is the last thing you don’t want to happen. However, if the juicer gets clogged, you may switch the reverse rotation button for a few minutes while it unclogs. 

Minimal Oxidation

When it comes to why you should purchase the SKG juicer, the minimal oxidation feature cannot be missed. With the wide feed chute’s presence, it limits the amount of oxygen that enters your fruit and vegetables. 

In turn, this helps maintain the natural taste of the ingredients plus all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the fruits and veggies. The minimal oxidation makes your juice taste yummier, nutritious, and lasts longer than the average juice produced by a heated juicer. 

The flavor is natural, and different from other cheap juicers. Finally, high-speed juicers require more chopping and cutting cause oxidation, which may destroy the taste and nutrition of your juice. 

Easy to clean

Cleaning this machine is easy, and you are likely to spend some time on the filter. The juicer comes with a brush, which you need to use to clean the mesh screen. Keep in mind, for the juicer to work correctly, the mesh screen should always be clean. 

Likewise, we would suggest that you clean up immediately you’re done making your juice so that the pulp particles don’t stick to the screen. On the other hand, if you are to clean after a few minutes, place the mesh screen into a container filled with hot soapy water to make sure the residue remains moist. 

Cleaning the remaining parts is super simple; you can easily separate the parts, clean them, and after that, re-assemble your juicer. To minimize your cleaning time, you should gather the pulp by lining the pulp container with a produce bag. You can use the pulp to blend smoothies, which can be used as compost in your garden. 

Easy to assemble

When it comes to setting up the SKG juicer, it is easy as 1,23…. Disassembling takes even less time, and each piece is designed to offer a fast and powerful cleaning process.

Best SKG Juicer Review

1. SKG A10 Slow Masticating Juicer

One of the best ways to stay in good shape is to convert your favorite fruits and vegetables into healthy juices. The smooth and perfect way to accomplish this is by using a masticating juicer. This device offers you more than a simple blender and simplifies the crushing and extraction process. 

If you want to squeeze juice from big veggies and fruits, then the SKG A10 should be your choice. It is designed to handle items no matter their size. Let’s take a closer look at the SKG A10 features. 

Performance. The A10 juicer comes with a 250W motor that allows it to function at speed as low as 36RPM. The low speed provides for sufficient time to crush your products and compress it to produce juice without oxidation. 

Moreover, it features a broader chute that measures around 3.15-inch and two feeders that allows fruits and vegetables of different sizes. Besides that, it has an overload protection system, and two directions switch to ensure your juicer works all the time as long as you use it. 

The SKG A10 is both powerful in juice production and nutrient retention. If you’re always keen, you will notice that your juice has a shelf life of 3 days just like any other cold-pressed drink. 

Design. The A10 design comes with a 3.15” Turn Over Chute. This flip over 3.15” opening supports large fruits and vegetables. Also, it comes with a 45mm opening which provides for longer produce. The two openings are designed in such a way that they can fit the juicer. 

The A10 further features two strainers. One has fine holes for lighter juice, and the other has larger holes to permit more pulp into the juice when you want to consume some fiber in your drink. 

With the presence of these two feeding chutes and a tiny pulp chute, usually clogging occurs at the pulp rejection stage. Once the exit is blocked, the pulp slowly returns to the juice. When this takes place, even a small strainer can’t help. 

Luckily, there is a stainless-steel filter to minimize pulp and foam, but you will need to continue cleaning it up, which often slows down the juice extraction process. 

Features. While whole slow juicers are relatively new models on the market, it’s not hard to use this model. Although there’s a small learning curve to it, it won’t take long before you grasp it. The only thing you need to be keen while using the SKG A10 juicer is its mouths. It comes with a 3-inch flip over the chute and a secondary 1.75″ channel. 

The larger one can extract an entire apple, but you can still add in other whole fruits and vegetables, especially those that are dense and tougher. Citruses will also work, but adding peel, seeds, and rinds can destroy the taste of your juice. 

The best application for the smaller spout is long items such as cucumber, carrots, celery, etc. But it would be a great idea to cut these veggies into four parts. 

Usability. The A10 juicer is easy to assemble. There are only a few large parts to set up, and you can get to making your juice straight away. 

The cleaning process is straightforward, with the longest time taken to clean the filter. Furthermore, the device comes with a brush to clean the mesh screen. The mesh screen must be kept completely clean for the best performance. An additional tip to reduce the cleaning time is to line the pulp container with a produce bag to trap the pulp. 

Performance.The return you can expect from this juicer is limitless. You can expect a high juice return of a pear 82%, orange 80%, apple 74%, carrot 44%, and celery 68%. It has the mechanism to create sorbet and tofu too.

What others are saying


  • The juicer is as reliable and well-made as it gets.
  • It’s easy to assemble, clean, and quiet. 
  • It produces superb quality juice.
  • It extracts a lot of juice.
  • Wide mouth to accommodate enough produce.
  • It offers high quality and modern look. 


  • Some users complained that it worked one day and then stopped working.
  • Some wish cleanup were a little easier but not that bad still.
  • May overheat if you juice a lot.
The Bottom Line:
The SKG A10 Juice Extractor is a fair device in terms of usability and maintenance. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent juicing machine when it comes to juice production and nutrient retention. 

Suppose you’re planning to buy a whole cold press juice machine at an affordable price. Well, I recommend this model to beginners and experienced juice lovers alike. 

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2. SKG Slow Masticating Juicer SKQ8R

The SKG masticating juicer is new on the market, but it has proven to be a great model. Not only is it affordable, but it also features a wide mouth benefit, rare among other slow juicers in the market. 

Performance. The SKQ8R is an excellent performer as one would predict from a slow 60 RPM machine, with little pulp in the juice. Heating of the juice is rare with this particular model, and very minimal frothing of the juice happens. 

For this reason, the final product is of high quality. The juice extracted can last 24-36 hours as long as it is kept in a tightly sealed jar filled to the top to reduce oxidation. 

Design. Featuring a sleek red finish, this is a high-quality, well-designed looking machine. According to SKG, all the components are made using high-quality, TRITAN anti-oxidative materials. 

Two strainers come with the machine, one for extracting juicing and the other for creating purees. The machine also boasts of a juice tap, which prevents any drips. 


  • Noise management. SKG juicers are slow yet quiet. You can prepare juice without worrying about waking up a sleeping baby or making noise to your neighbors. The smooth operation of this machine makes it the best device in the market. 
  • Running time. Based on your ingredients, this juicer can work for 10-20 minutes without a break. In general, you will need a few minutes to extract one cup of juice. 
  • Juice yield and quality. The juicecontains a minimum amount of pulp. 


The SKQ8R comes with all the necessary accessories you will ever need to clean. There’s a brush for cleaning. The cleaning process is quite easy, with the mesh screen taking the longest time. However, it is always good to clean the mesh screen immediately you finish juicing. 

What others are saying


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Very efficient juicer.
  • Drip-free juice cap.
  • Slow and quiet.
  • Wide feed chute.
  • Less waste more juice.


  • Some complained that it doesn’t juice that well.
  • Some reported breakage after several uses.
  • The parts are not dishwasher safe.
The Bottom Line:
The SKG Wide Chute SKQ8R juicer is an affordable choice to several other vertical masticating devices that are a bit more expensive. The machine is easy to assemble and dissemble once you get the hang of it.

Although the general cleaning is easy, cleaning of the pulp is more complicated. The brush that comes with it helps somewhat but still requires more manipulation with fingers. Overall, it is worth it if your budget isn’t that big. 

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Alternatives to SKG Juicer

1. Tribest Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer SW-2000

Performance. When it comes to performance, Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 will produce dry pulp after juicing an ingredient. Even though it is not the fastest juicer, the good thing is that the low speed it uses to extract ingredients achieves two things. First, it produces a high juice yield. And secondly, the duo-blade has sufficient time to crush any product and get the highest juice. 

Design. The SW-2000 juicer features a slow-speed vertical juicer. Like other vertical units, the appliance doesn’t feature a large footprint. The machine measures 10.8 by 8.0 by 19.5 inches. As such, you won’t experience any problem placing it in a compact-sized kitchen. When it comes to weight, Tribest is made of high-quality parts, and that is why it has a sturdy unit. 

Features. The SW-2000 juicer boasts of a motor that consumes only 200W of electricity. Nevertheless, it is very powerful because it generates 30 ft. lbs. of torque. That is crucial because it will manage to crush ingredients of any hardness. 

It also features an optimal single speed of 47RPM to help prevent heat build-up and oxidation while in operation. The result is that it will maintain all those nutrients you add to the chute. 

Usability. The cleaning procedure of the Slowstar SW-2000 is straightforward. In most cases, you need to care for your juicer, but this model doesn’t require strict maintenance process. 

What others are saying


  • It’s easy to assemble and relatively easy to clean.
  • It’s sleek, sexy, and super fun to use.
  • The Tribest Slowstar is quiet, powerful, and is very efficient.


  • Some users complained that it is time-consuming in the juice preparation process.
  • The cleaning process is a challenge for some users. These users reported difficulty cleaning the pulp out of the pulp outlet with veggies such as wheatgrass
The Bottom Line:
Tribest SW-2000 is a powerful juicer, especially if you are searching for a premium appliance. The product works well and can handle different ingredients. Even though the juicer can be a wise investment, the choice is up to you. 

It would be better to analyze your options and choose an appliance that fulfills your expectations. That is the only way you can be satisfied with the juicing device you use. 

2. Hurom HP Slow Juicer

Performance. While this model doesn’t support the same volume of liquid-like other models, the Hurom Juicer produces high-quality juice thanks to the Hurom’s SST technology. The auger crushes the produce by compressing it against the juicing screen.

Hurom Hp Slow appliance delivers the highest quantity of juice, leaving behind the only dry pulp. Another key difference is that there is limited oxidation because the device has been optimized for taste. 

Design. The Hurom HP Juicer is compact and can fit anywhere on the counter. It comes in three different colors, namely pink, mint green, and white finish. Furthermore, it uses Slow Squeeze Technology, a precise emulation of squeezing juice by hand, limiting the juice’s damage. The centrifugal juicers crush and heat the produce, which later generates less juice and the least quantity of nutrients. 

Features. Hurom utilizes an auger to extract juice instead of crushing fruits and vegetables with high-speed blades. This natural speed reduces the destruction of ingredients, maintaining a natural yummy taste. 

Cleaning. The best method to clean Hurom components is by hand. You have small and large cleaning brushes provided to make cleaning more manageable, but still reaching small crevices is a bit difficult. 

What others are saying


  •  Affordable Hurom Slow Juicer.
  • Compact and stylish design.
  • It can make all types of produce.
  • Works silently
  • Creates 72 hours juice life


  • Not suitable for juicing celery because the motor is not strong enough.
  • Keeping the spout closed creates pressure resulting in the motor working even harder and limiting the juice quality. 
The Bottom Line:
The Hurom HP appliance works better than other juicers on the market. It delivers a higher yield when compared to other vertical juicers. This is because of the reduced auger speed. While it has some drawbacks, those are just minor. For this reason, HP Slow Juicer is one of the most affordable options on the market. We highly recommend for anyone looking for a high-quality juicer without breaking the bank. 

FAQ for SKG Juicers

Q. Does the SKG machine really produce more juice?

A. Yes. You get more juice for pulp lovers and haters too. The SKG large model juicer delivers more juice than some slow juicer competitors. For example, apple 78%, Orange 70%, Carrot 55%, Celery 80.5%. Both entail a purer juice and a rough type for your juicing needs. 

Q. How long can you store juice made by the SKG juicer?

A. You can store juice made by the SKG juicer for 72 hours. 

Q. What type of warranty coverage do SKG juicers offer?

A. The SKG juicers provide a 2-year warranty covering all components of the juicer and a 10- year warranty covering the main body of the juicer plus the motor. 

Q. Are Masticating juicers better?

A. Overall, by using masticating juicers, you get a higher juice production and drier pulp than centrifugal machines. Additionally, they save you more money on your grocery shopping, are silent, and allow you to store the juice for up to 3 days. 

Conclusion: Is SKG Juicer is Right for You?

The best juicers will produce tasty and smooth juice from different types of produce, with minimal waste. If you’re a juice enthusiast who regularly buys 16-ounce servings to your house, investing in the best juicer is a great idea.

If you want a smart, quiet, stylish design but sturdy and useful in making nutritious juices, the SKG is the perfect vertical masticating juicer to go for. Get your appliance today, and start enjoying the benefits of juicing your fruits and veggies.