Are you ready to discover everything about Tribest juicers? Our post reviews the best masticating and slow-speed juicers, including the renowned Greenstar series from this brand. Read the article to learn how to pick the most suitable juicer for your needs!

It is not easy to switch to a healthy lifestyle. Optimal nutrition is one of the staples of this lifestyle, but changing your diet is not easy. Not only you need to think ahead and be ready to make changes, but preparing food and healthy juices take a lot of time. That is why a high-quality juicer can be your best friend.

Using low-quality juicing appliances is often a waste of time and nerves. You have problems with jamming, and the juice yield is inadequate. That is something people from the Tribest company understand. It inspired them to design versatile juices capable of producing consistent results. 

In this article, we focus on Tribest juicers. Apart from reviewing the best appliance made by this company, we also analyze the company and what makes their juicers unique. Keep reading to find out what we discovered!

About Tribest (The Company)

Tribest was established in Los Angeles in 1988. Everything started with releasing a sprouted product in 1990. The first juice extractor followed four years later. Over time, the company perfected its juicers, and Greenstar Elite revolutionized the market in 2009. Today, the company focuses on designing juicers and other high-quality products aimed at the health and wellness of its clients.  

Tribest is dedicated to quality and manufacturing reliable juicers. Customers worldwide know that they can count on high-quality appliances when buying from this company. Greenstar juicers have won many international acclaims, and are well-received throughout the world. 

It is the dedication to excellence and quality that earned the Tribest juicers’ prestigious reputation. They remain focused on innovation and perfecting their appliances. That way, the company manages to stay at the top of the healthy living industry.  

What Makes Tribest Juicers so Special?

Here is an overview of the reasons why you should consider Tribest juicers:

  • Increased mineral content – the technology implemented during juicing is an essential benefit of these juicers. They manage to keep a higher quantity of minerals than similar appliances. Furthermore, up to two times as many minerals “survive” juicing in these devices. 
  • Slow-speed juicing is proven in experiments – it was Dr. Normal Walker, who confirmed that low speeds are better for juicing than high speeds. It maximizes nutrient content while ensuring chemical residue doesn’t get into juices. 
  • Long-lasting juices suitable to drink on the go – these juices will last for hours and even days, which ensures you can take them to work or when headed outside for other reasons. 
  • Oxidation protection – apart from slow speed, these juicers produce minimal heat to reduce oxidation. Since oxidation is a way to lose nutrients, it is another way to ensure you get the healthiest juice out there. 

Twin-Gear Technology

A crucial feature of Tribest Greenstar juicers is the unique twin-gear technology. It is what we can thank for the capability of these appliances to process everything from leafy greens to carrots and apples. 

The crucial thing that you should know about twin-gear is that it has a triple-action system. It features cutting points that can cut hard fruits like celery. 

That prevents jamming and ensures you get maximum juice yield and a smooth juice. It also contains pocket recesses that do the slicing, while the base handles the crushing.

It is worth noting that the twin gears contain bio-ceramic material. It works based on kinetic energy and ensures far-infrared emission. It is a technique that secures a wavelength required for organic materials and water to oscillate naturally. That is how maximum freshness and nutritional value of juices is achieved. 

Why 110RPM Is an Important Feature?

The recent testing compared Tribest Greenstar juicers with four other similar appliances. Apples were the focus of the tests, and the conclusion was that twin-gear technology increased the heat after juicing for less than 1F. 

The increase in apple temperature went from 59.9F to 60.44F. The second-best was a juicer that raised the temperature for over 3.5F, while many increased it fore more than 14F.  

Each of the two gears contains in-line magnets. Their task is to deliver a 2600 gauss magnetic field. That is where the juice moves, and this breaks big molecule clusters into smaller ones. 

Thanks to that, the juice retains more minerals from the produce in the appliance. That means you get an extra boost of magnesium and other minerals with each glass of juice made this way.

Greenstar Juicers Special Features

Greenstar is a brand founded by Tribest. It is a series of juicers designed for those that love a fresh glass of juice with loaded nutrient contents. 

Here is an overview of the special features provided in Greenstar juicers:

  • Twin gear – the famous twin gear technology is a part of these juicers. It secures incredible squeezing potential and high juice yield.
  • Automatic pulp removal – the device will take care of removing the pulp and making the juice the way you like it. 
  • Low speed – these devices come with powerful motors and low-speed settings. These are placed intentionally to ensure the maximum nutrient value of the juice. 
  • Carrying handle – the handle provides maximum portability. Although the weight of the appliances could vary, the handle still makes them suitable for transport. 
  • Durable components – all parts are reliable and of high quality to ensure the juicers can serve well over a long period. 
  • A variety of ingredients – Greenstar is suitable for soft and hard fruits and veggies, wheatgrass, etc. Apart from juicing, additional accessories ensure you can make butter, sorbets, sauces, pasta, etc.
  • Convenient cord storage – you can store the cord conveniently in the designated area. 

Best Tribest Juicers Reviews

Are you ready to learn more about specific Tribest juicers? We singled out these models as the most suitable ones for beginners and experienced users.


Tribest SW-2020 Slowstar® Vertical Slow Juicer & Mincer

Performance:  9.6  –  It operates at a low 47RPM to preserve maximum nutrients.

Design: 9.4  BPA-free components and a small footprint.

Features: 9.5  –  Quiet operations and user safety as a priority.  

Usability/Cleaning: 9.2  –  A detachable cap and simple disassembly for easy cleaning.


Tribest Slow Star SW-2020 vertical masticating juicer utilizes a 200W motor, which works at approximately 47RPM. The idea of this slow speed is to ensure that you get the most nutrients in your juice. 

The product implements a three-phase speed reduction to preserve juice freshness and quality. The juicer comes with a Duoblade double-edged auger. Its task is to cut more produce and increase yield. The testing indicates that you could get up to 40% more juice this way. 

You will also receive a mincing attachment with the SW-2020 juicer. It increases the versatility of the machine and lets you make sauces, butter, and mincing food.


As a vertical juicer, the unit doesn’t come with a large footprint. That will make it easier to fit it on the kitchen counter, although you should mind the product’s height. 

The components are made of the highest possible quality. All parts are BPA-free to ensure your juice is healthy and free from harmful compounds. The duo-blade auger is strong, durable, and capable of serving users for a long time. 


The juicer won’t start until you connect everything properly. It is a safety feature to prevent messing up the counter and other things going wrong. 

Once you start the juice maker, you will notice that it is understandably quiet. Although it is a juicer, the low speed ensures that it doesn’t make a lot of noise. The cap is convenient for controlling juice flow while preventing spills.

Usability & Cleaning

The hole where you insert the produce is 2.5 x 1.5 inches large. That is convenient since you can add relatively large food pieces for processing. 

The cap and other components are detachable and disassembled quickly. Some parts are suitable for washing in a dishwasher, while others will only require wiping with a soft cloth. Using a cleaning brush will help to reach the corners when cleaning.

What Others Are Saying

Although it works at low speed, Tribest Slow Star SW-2020 will deliver your juice surprisingly quickly. Those who tried it indicate that it is because of the large feeding chute. The product handles both soft and hard veggies and fruits effortlessly. 

However, it seems that users noted kale and other leafy greens aren’t most suitable for this juicer. While you will get juice from them, the yield might not be as high as expected. 

The users noted that the product seems durable. Aside from processing various ingredients, it does that without a lot of noise. Furthermore, multiple reports indicate the juicer is surprisingly quiet. 

The cleaning process is a bit tricky because food residue can get into nooks and crannies. It is a common downside of juicers, and users report this one is not too different. 

Bottom Line:
Tribest Slow Start Vertical Juicer SW-2020 could be a value deal for both beginners and experienced users. The appliance is capable of processing soft and hard produce effortlessly. The combination of high-quality components with a powerful motor and slow speed for maximum juice makes this juicer stand out from the competition. The mincing attachment only increases the versatility. 
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Tribest SS-4250 Solostar® 4 Horizontal Slow Masticating Juicer

Juicer Ratings

  • Design: 8.7/10 – A classic design with nothing special about it.
  • Features: 9.1/10 – The single auger is durable and long-lasting.
  • Performance: 9.4/10 –  A strong motor that increases the product’s versatility.
  • Usability: 8.7/10 – Easy to use, but a small feeding chute. 

Tribest SS-4250 Solostar 4 does everything that a horizontal juicer should do. It maintains a small height for starters so that you can fit it below the cabinets and on the counter. The design is non-attractive, but it is classic, which means it is exactly what you expect.

Once you take a look inside, you see a single auger that is long-lasting. Its quality is surprising, and probably the main reason why the manufacturer offers a 15-years warranty. 

The motor is another fantastic thing about this unit. Its strength equals 5.4HP, which means it is capable of crushing any ingredient out there. It is particularly suitable for wheatgrass and leafy veggies, which most users look at from a horizontal juicer, and this one excels in that category.

As for the speed, it is 57RPM, which is decent for a slow-speed juicer. It will ensure that you get the most vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies. Additionally, it is possible to store the juice for days – if you keep it in the fridge, it will last for up to 72 hours. 

It is worth noting that the components are BPA-free. That means the manufacturer ensured that the juice remains healthy and loaded with nutrients.

You will find the 1.5-inch chute diameter smaller than usual. It will take a bit of effort to cut everything into small pieces that fit into the tube. The good news is that the product is easy to use overall, which means clogging doesn’t happen often.

What Others Are Saying

Most reviewers were surprised to see how well this juicer acts with leafy greens and wheatgrass. Many users look for an appliance that can get the maximum juice yield from these ingredients, which might be the one. 

Multiple reviews mention that the product is fairly quiet for its category. That makes it convenient to use early in the morning or late at night. You can get tasty juice without waking up anyone. 

Those who tried Tribest SS-4250 indicate that the cleaning process could be easier. The problem is that the nooks and crannies on the juicing screen and auger are challenging to reach, and you need to clean them manually. 

Some users indicate that the product could be faster, but it is vital to remember this is a masticating juicer, which means speed is not its primary priority.

Bottom Line:
Tribest SS-4250 Solostar 4 features a classic and non-attractive design. However, if you can look past that, you will appreciate the juice quality and yield the appliance can deliver. Not only is it versatile, but it is one of the best choices for wheatgrass and leafy greens.


Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar® Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Slow Masticating Juicer

Performance: 9.4  –  It replicates the human mastication system for the best results.

Design: 9.5High-quality and carefully chosen components.

Features: 9.5  – Four different screens for everyone’s preference.

Usability & Cleaning: 8.8  Easy to use, but the cleaning process is not the simplest. 


The product operates at 110RPM, which ensures minimal heat generation while in use. Thanks to that, the twin gears ensure the juice produced is fresh, loaded with nutrients, and suitable for storing. 

The juicer replicates the human mastication system, which means the gears resemble the moves made by our teeth. It has cutting points, a crushing base, and slicing pocket recesses. That ensures maximum versatility and capability of handling various produce.   


Stainless steel twin gears are undoubtedly the stand-out component of Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite. Jumbo twin gears are large, durable, and employ bio-ceramic and magnetic technology. You will receive a couple of accessories with the product to ensure you can make butter and sorbets. 

The appliance doesn’t have a small footprint, but that is the way this twin gear juicer is designed. The good news is that the product is not tall and you can probably fit it between the kitchen counter and cabinets above it. 


The appliance comes with four screens to ensure it can meet everyone’s preference. If you like extra pulp, you can use the coarse unit. However, those who prefer minimal pulp in their juice should use the fine screen. You can use other screens for food processing and making rice cakes and raw breadsticks. 

Tribest GSE-5000 comes with a mechanism to adjust the pulp-ejection pressure. That ensures this cold press juicer can process a wide range of ingredients. The reverse function helps avoid clogging or jamming.  

Usability & Cleaning

The manufacturer provided almost everything you might need in the box, and that consists of a glass pitcher, plastic, and wooden plungers. Additional accessories, such as a pasta maker, are also available for purchasing separately. The juicer is easy to use and extremely versatile in processing different foods.

The cleaning process will take about 10-15 minutes. Fortunately, you receive a cleaning brush designed to get the food out of nooks and crannies. Due to a large number of parts, the disassembly and assembly require time and effort.

What Others Are Saying

Those who tested the juicer pinpoint the versatility of the product. Whether you are juicing, making butter or sorbets, the appliance is simple to use. 

It isn’t prone to jamming and clogging, primarily because of the reverse function that makes the operator’s job easy. However, it will take a while to process large quantities of juice due to the appliance’s low speed.

Users who considered the price indicated that the initial investment is high. However, everyone agrees the juicer delivers plenty of bang for the buck. 

Nobody seems to be too surprised about the demanding cleaning process, but multiple reviews indicate you need to be ready to invest time and effort into it. However, the yield and quality of the juice make all that worth your while.

Bottom Line:
Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite is an excellent masticating juicer that cuts, crushes, and slices produce for optimal results. The appliance is capable of delivering juices of dealing with various ingredients. That includes making juices, but also butter and sorbets. The price tag might be high, but the juicer features excellent value for the money.


Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar® Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Slow Masticating Juicer

Performance:  9.4  –  Impressive juice yield and versatility.

Design:  9.6  –  Black color makes it great for modern kitchens.

Features:  9.5  –  Three processing phases plus a mixing stage. 

Usability & Cleaning:  8.8  –  Simple to use, but tricky to clean. 


If you are looking for a reliable and versatile juicer, you can’t go wrong with this model. Tribest GSE-5010 is a masticating juicer capable of handling soft and hard veggies and fruits, and even leafy greens

The juice yield will be impressive, and the same can be told for quality and taste. Not only this technique preserves a large number of nutrients, but it ensures freshness. You can store juices made with this appliance for up to 72 hours.


The unique thing about Tribest GSE-5010 is the dominating black color of this juicer. The Greenstar logo on the side looks great on this design. The unique appearance will ensure the appliance fits modern and contemporary kitchen décor. 

But it is not all about the looks because Tribest made sure to pick components carefully. You will receive an extremely durable juicer with the famous Greenstar jumbo twin gears. The juicer comes with a sure-grip handle for added portability.


The exclusive bio-ceramic and magnetic technology used in this product ensure that it preserves additional nutrients from the product used. The mastication system replicates cutting, slicing, and crushing processes for optimal results. The mixing stage has the task of combining everything to maximize nutritional content and juice taste.

GSE-5010 masticating juicer operates at 110RPM and uses a powerful 200W motor. You get multiple accessories in the box so that you can make more than juices. The product utilizes a pressure adjustment button to ensure all foods placed in the chute are processed effortlessly.

Usability & Cleaning

Automatic pulp ejection is a convenient feature, especially if you have a big batch of produce to process. The feature will ensure continuous juicing and make the cleaning process somewhat more manageable.

As for the cleaning, you will receive a brush to help you during the process. It is crucial to clean the components immediately after juicing. Otherwise, you risk having problems with residue stuck on nooks and crannies.

What Others Are Saying

Taking a look at the user opinions indicates they mostly believe Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar Elite is a smart investment. The masticating juicer can process fruits, veggies, and leafy greens while reducing everything to dry and compact pulp. You will receive plenty of juice, and it will be both rich in nutrients and smooth.  

On the other hand, some users indicate you will need to cut leafy greens like cabbage into small pieces to get it into the feeding hole. Screens demand your particular attention when cleaning, and the price isn’t the most tempting.

Bottom Line:
This model brings a design change compared to the GSE-5000. The black color that dominates the juicer is an excellent fit in modern decors and kitchens that already have appliances of the same color. Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar Elite is a long-term investment that can deliver a tasty and healthy juice loaded with nutrients. 


Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar® Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Slow Masticating Juicer

Performance:  9.5  –  All-around performance and consistent results.

Design:  9.5  –  The chrome variation delivers a classy appearance. 

Features:  9.4  –  A masticating system is boosted by other convenient features.

Usability & Cleaning:  8.8  –  Simple to adjust to your needs, the cleaning process could be easier.


You can rely on Tribest GSE-5050 to deliver excellent performance and consistent results. The combination of a 200W motor and 110RPM speed ensures that the device can tackle different produce. That includes fruits and veggies of varying hardness.

The unique approach with using the jumbo twin gears ensures that the mineral and vitamin content remains high after processing. 

You can enjoy fresh juice that can be stored for up to three days in the refrigerator. It is up to the user to pick the desired quantity of pulp in their juice. 

The automatic pulp ejection and different screens will ensure to do a great job in delivering expected results every time. 


The design of GSE-5050 is a chrome variation to the standard white Greenstar Elite juicer. The combination of chrome and black color ensures that the product delivers a modern and classy design. 

The feeding chute is reasonably spacious and suitable for different types of produce. The carrying handle is convenient for moving the juicer around. Since this is a horizontal masticating juicer, it has a bit larger footprint than expected, but its height is modest.


Greenstar Elite is a series that features a masticating system that replicates the behavior of human teeth. In practice, that means the jumbo twin gears come with pocket recesses made for slicing, cutting points, and a crushing base. The juicer also has a mixing stage that serves to improve the taste and maximize nutritional value.

The appliance comes with a glass juice pitcher and accessories that allow you to make sauces, sorbets, and butter.

Usability & Cleaning

Pay attention to the pressure adjustment mechanism on the device. Depending on the produce you are processing, it is necessary to adjust the pressure. Although this takes a bit of practice, the mechanism ensures that operating the juicer is easy. 

You will receive a flat cleaning brush to remove the residue from the corners of the components. Some parts are dishwasher-friendly. However, be ready to put in some effort for detailed cleaning of the gears and the chute.

What Others Are Saying

Those who tried Greenstar Elite GSE-5050 are very satisfied with the yield that this juice delivers. Additionally, users indicate the box contains enough accessories and components to ensure adequate versatility. Whether you are juicing or making butter, the machine is convenient to use.

The users have an unusual stance on the price. Nobody denies that the juicer is a bit expensive, but a vast majority indicates the investment is worthy. 

Orange and pineapples are among the produce that leaves a lot of residues and requires immediate cleaning. That is inconvenient but better than postponing cleaning and making the process more tedious.

Bottom Line:
Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite is a juicer that is relatively light and very portable because of the carrying handle. Once activated, it is ready to tackle any produce and deliver delicious, healthy, and smooth juice. 

The appliance is simple to assemble and use, and it allows you to choose the desired pulp quantity. The twin gears do a fantastic job with the mastication. Although the price is not the most attractive, you can expect that the juicer will serve you for long.


Tribest GS-1000 Greenstar® Original Basic Twin Gear Slow Masticating Juicer

Performance:  9.3  –  A reliable juicer capable of handling various produce.

Design:  8.9  –  Durable and sturdy components, but simple design.

Features:  9.3  –  Loaded with useful features, such as automatic pulp ejection.

Usability & Cleaning:  8.9  –  Suitable for newbies, a tedious cleaning process.


The mastication process is secured by a motor that operates at a speed of 110RPM. The feeding hole is reasonably large, although you will need to cut fruits and veggies into smaller pieces. 

The juicer is surprisingly quiet when operating, and it won’t make nearly as much noise as some similar appliances. The low speed ensures that no heat builds up, which guarantees a fresh juice loaded with nutrients. 


The appearance of the Tribest GS-1000 Greenstar juice extractor might seem a bit outdated. The white color and the classic design do not indicate that this is a premium juicer. However, once you scratch under the surface and take a look at the component quality, you will be impressed. 

Each component is of impressive quality and durability. The carrying handle allows you to take the juicer from one place to another when necessary. The product doesn’t require a lot of space height-wise, but make sure to consider the footprint. 


All the features expected from a Greenstar juicer are there. The product contains HD twin gears made of stainless steel. The gears feature crushing, slicing, and cutting functions to ensure an all-around mastication process.

The knob for adjusting pressure will help to process different types of produce efficiently. The automatic pulp ejection simplifies the juicing process. As for the glass juice pitcher, it is a convenient addition that ensures you can drink the juice immediately. 

Usability & Cleaning

As long as you follow the instructions, the assembly should be straightforward. It won’t take more than a minute or two to figure out how everything works. Even if you are a newbie, using GS-1000 Greenstar Original should be a piece of cake.

The product has numerous components that you need to clean. That makes the entire process tedious because you need to disassemble and reassemble everything carefully. 

What Others Are Saying

Greenstar Original seems to be very popular among the customers. That includes raw food enthusiasts and those looking to switch to a healthy lifestyle. They commend the quality of the device, as well as its durability. The versatility and the fact that you can process almost anything is another positive. 

User reviews indicate that the device is having problems when dealing with soft fruits and leafy greens. You will need patience, and cutting them into small pieces might help to prevent jamming. Some users also indicate that the product doesn’t deliver maximum juice yield from carrots. 

Bottom Line:
The original Greenstar features a twin-gear option to ensure you receive optimal mastication results each time you use the product. Although the warranty is not as generous as in some other models, the product is made of durable components and delivers excellent results. It is an excellent choice for both beginners and healthy lifestyle veterans.


Tribest GS-P502 Greenstar® Pro All Stainless Steel Jumbo Twin Gear Commercial Slow Juicer

  • Design: 9.6/10 – High-quality components and extremely durable.
  • Features: 9.4/10 – The reverse function makes it easy to deal with jams.
  • Performance: 9.2/10 – Surprisingly fast for a masticating juicer.
  • Usability: 9.0/10 – The locking mechanism simplifies the cleaning process.

Tribest GS-P502 looks different than other masticating juicers, especially if you choose its gray design combination. The all-gray design can contribute to any décor, and the product is relatively compact for a horizontal appliance. 

The twin gears are the best thing about this juicer. They are made of 100% stainless-steel, which secures maximum durability. It is why the product is commercial-certified, and you can use it in restaurants, bars, and other commercial facilities. 

You can also use it and home and look forward to a healthy juice for years. The warranty for at-home use is 15 years!

Tribest GS-P502 operates at 110RPM, which is fast for a masticating juicer. That means it won’t lose a second more of your time than necessary while ensuring the juice’s highest nutrient content. 

The reverse function ensures that there is a minimum hassle when clogging occurs. In most cases, all you have to do is press the button to unclog the machine. The tamper can be conveniently placed in the holder when you are not using the appliance.

The overall impression is that the manufacturer did everything in its power to simplify the cleaning process. However, that might not have been enough to shorten the cleaning time to less than 20 minutes. 

Either way, you will appreciate the scraper tool since it makes the process easier. Additionally, the locking system will ensure that you get the components out and re-assembled quickly.

What Others Are Saying

It is nice to read the Tribest GS-P502 reviews because they are mostly positive. This juicer is of exceptional quality, and users indicate that it delivers consistent performance. Multiple reviewers emphasized that the pulp is surprisingly dry with most products, and many commend the juice taste. 

Users are pleasantly surprised by the appliance’s speed. Although it is a masticating juicer, it manages to speed up the process as much as possible, a big time saver.

According to a couple of reviews, juicing soft produce might not deliver the juice yield as high as hard fruits and veggies. They even recommend combining soft and hard ingredients to ensure you get the most out of the soft ones. 

Another downside is the cleaning process, which can take for ten minutes or so. If you don’t have a strong dishwasher or don’t wash the components immediately, you might get stuck with stains that are difficult to remove.

Bottom Line:
Tribest GS-P502 Greenstar Pro Commercial Complete Masticating Juicer is not the cheapest unit out there, but it is worth the money. The product is surprisingly fast for a slow-speed juicer, and it can deliver impressive juice yield and fantastic juicer quality. That is pretty much everything you need from a juicing appliance, making this product a smart investment.


Tribest Juicers FAQ

Q: How long can you store juice made by the Tribest juicer?

A: That depends on the model, but Tribest juicers are made to preserve freshness. You can store the juice from 48-72 hours. However, make sure to use an airtight container to keep as many nutrients as possible. Additionally, you can consider storing the juice in the fridge. And remember, it is always better to drink freshly-prepared juice since it contains most nutrients. 

Q: What type of warranty coverage do Tribest juicers offer? 

A: Tribest trusts the products they make. That is why they are ready to offer a generous warranty. For example, the Greenstar Original juicer comes with a five-year warranty. However, some other models that belong to this brand have a 10-year extended warranty or longer. Make sure to read the details about your product to discover the exact warranty you will receive. 

Q: Does Greenstar really produce more juice?

A: Greenstar uses unique twin-gear technology. Thanks to that and the low speed of processing the juice, these appliances are capable of generating a higher juice yield than high-speed machines. Greenstar is capable of maximizing the yield from various fruits and veggies to deliver the most nutritious and healthiest juice.

Q: Are slow juicers really better?

A: The idea of slowing the speed down when juicing has been around for a long time. Low-speed juicers are better than the ones operating at high speeds. That is because lower speed also creates less heat. Thanks to that, the juicer can preserve more nutrients from fruits, veggies, and other produce. The estimation is that slow-speed juicers will significantly increase the nutritional value of the juice.

Conclusion: Which Tribest Juicer Is Right for You?

Tribest juicers are famous for their Greenstar series. These appliances are suitable for different types of produce and always deliver consistent results. Although juicing is their priority, the variety of accessories improves the appliances’ overall versatility. 

The exact choice of juicer depends on your needs. Make sure to consider the specifics, such as design, usability, and additional features. Once you figure out your exact requirements, it will be easy to pick the best Tribest juicer. And don’t worry because regardless of the model you select, you won’t go wrong!