The Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor is a mid-tier juice extractor that generates a high yield with minimal effort. After experiencing less than satisfying results with lots of other juicer models, I just had to try the 67650A.

Allegedly one of the more convenient options, I wanted to know if the 67650A would meet my juicing needs. Here’s everything I learned about the Big Mouth Pro.

Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth Pro Review Summary

Hamilton Beach 67650A Ratings

  • Juice Quality: 7/10.It extracts a significant amount of juice that’s concentrated and flavorful and contains more pulp than average.
  • Ease of Use: 7/10.Its single-speed operation and wide chute offer convenience, but issues with its proportions can water down ease of use.
  • Noise Level: 9/10.The 67650A generates no more noise than your typical blender.
  • Versatility: 7/10.Excellent performance with soft to medium produce, but falls short with harder picks.
  • Performance: 7/10.Yields above-average juice quantity that might have quite a lot of pulp as well.
  • Cleaning: 6/10.Although all its parts are dishwasher safe, the model’s filter basket may require extra effort to remove residue.


  • Large chute diameter lets you toss in fruit and vegetables without having to cut them up beforehand. 
  • Single-speed operation eliminates the guesswork of figuring out the right settings for your chosen produce. 
  • Produces above-average amounts of juice, giving you a higher yield for every piece of fruit you throw in.
  • The intuitive design lets you assemble the juicer with minimal effort and time.


  • Not the most powerful juicer, especially when dealing with harder produce like carrots. 
  • The filter basket is tough to clean, trapping lots of residue from processed produce. 
  • Lots of pulp makes its way into the final product, so the juice itself’s actual volume might be significantly reduced after passing it through a sieve. 
  • Ease of use isn’t the best. The short power cable, small container, and lightweight body call for the extra effort.
The Bottom Line:
The Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor offers excellent value, boasting many of the features you’d find on a more expensive juicer. The wide chute, simple assembly, and single-speed settings allow plug-and-play operation. But alas, it still isn’t a perfect juicer. The lightweight construction made me feel like it was a little unstable. Plus, its short power cord and small juice container can water down convenience.  It’s also worth mentioning that the juicer introduces quite a lot of pulp into the juice container. So if you enjoy smooth, lump-juices like me, it might be a bit of a hassle.


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Who Can Benefit From the Hamilton Beach 67650A?

As with any other product, the Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor makes the right choice for some, but not all. For the most part, I think it would suit people who occasionally use their juicers to process softer produce. 

The design is impressive at juicing oranges, grapes, and the like, generating more juice than other models. On the other hand, if you often use your juicer, you might want to consider other options. 

While the 67560A comes from a reputable brand, the design itself might feel a little light and flimsy. If you use your juicer daily, then the construction might give way after just a few months of use. 

Another thing to consider is the size of the juice container. With a 20-ounce capacity, I found it pretty limited. I had to empty the container into two to three glasses each time it got full. If you plan to use your juicer for parties and significant events, then it might be a little more than tax.

Overview: Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth Pro

At a reasonable price-point, the 67650A is an alluring choice for those looking for premium features within the mid-tier price range. Sure, it might not be the best juicer machine. But I found a lot of its features ideal for certain types of buyers

If anything, the most impressive thing about the 67650A is that it produces far more juice for every piece of fruit or vegetable that you put into it. If you’ve ever tried juicing, you know how many models on the market can produce unsatisfactory amounts of juice. 

Lots of them might even leave you with moist mushy pulp that you can manually squeeze to get more juice out. The same, however, doesn’t apply for the 67650A. 

I found it to effectively extract all moisture from my produce, generating richly flavored juice in pretty significant amounts. In many cases, I was even able to use the pulp. Dehydrated and thick, the mush left behind after juicing made a great addition to various of my favorite recipes.

When it comes to juice quantity, it doesn’t impress quite as much with quality. The juice itself might include way too much pulp, giving it a weird consistency that might not be as pleasing to the palate. Sifting the end product through a sieve helped me improve consistency and texture for more enjoyable juice.

What Fruits and Vegetables Can Big Mouth Pro Juice?

If you’re a fan of juice that comes from softer fruits like oranges, grapes, and perhaps even apples, then the 67650A might be your next best friend. The device is excellent at juicing softer fruits and vegetables, leaving nothing more than a limited pulp amount. 

At less than $100, the juicer also impressively processes green leafy vegetables. Sure, it won’t produce as much juice from greens as well as the Omega VRT350 Low-Speed Juicer. But at its reasonable price point, I think it does a whole lot better than the other models in the same price range.

Treading into hard produce territory, the 67650A might not be quite as efficient. The appliance lacks the power to extract juice from fruits and vegetables that might not have moisture. But then again, it still outperforms a lot of the other juicers that come at the same price. 

So it’s really just a matter of managing your expectations. You can anticipate that the pulp left behind after the juicing process can be dense, dry, and just the right consistency for baking or adding soups. 

If you’re not keen on using the pulp for food, it also makes a beautiful choice of fertilizer with limited moisture to prevent any strong odors from developing.

Test Results

  • Convenience: The 67650A offers excellent convenience. Its sizable chute accommodates most fruits and vegetables. The ergonomic spout delivers every drop of juice straight to the container. The included brush makes cleaning the filter slightly easier.
  • Juicing performance: In the soft produce department, the 67650A delivers satisfying results with flavorful juice produced in large amounts. When juicing harder produce, however, the device leaves quite a lot to desire.
  • Noise: It’s not going to win you any awards for stealthy juicing, but it won’t wake up the household either. While it does generate a bit of noise, it’s not enough to qualify as a major downside.
  • Ease of use: The 67650A is potentially one of the easiest juicers to assemble and disassemble. Its single-speed operation also impressively simplifies the way it’s used. The device could use some improvements in cleaning. This is especially true when it comes to the filter that tends to trap residue.


  • Juicer Type: Centrifugal juicer
  • Dimensions: 7.8″ x 11.5″ x 14.4″
  • Feed chute size: 3 inches diameter
  • Weight: 10.01 lbs
  • Base color: Black/gray


  • Motor power – The 67650A comes with an 800-watt motor that gives it significant power as a basic juicer. The motor packs just enough force to process softer fruits and vegetables, extracting up to 95% of the moisture to give you more juice with each use.
  • Max speed – Using a single-speed design, the 67650A processes all of the fruit and produce you put in at a rapid rate to separate the pulp from juice for higher yield.
  • Capacity – The juice container included with the device can only hold up to 20 ounces of juice at a time. You may have to keep emptying it if you’re serving multiple people.
  • Noise – Producing just around the same amount of noise as a standard blender, the 67650A isn’t discreet, but it won’t wake up the neighbors either.
  • Accessories – The package includes all the pieces necessary to properly and safely operate the juicer and includes a nifty little brush to help you clean out the device after use.
  • Safety – The boasts exceptional safety. The different parts lock into place reliably, keeping the sharp blades away from reach throughout use. Aside from slight during juicing, there’s really nothing else about the 67650A that might raise safety concerns.
  • Warranty – If any manufacturer damages or defects, the brand promises a 1-year warranty for repairs or returns.

Care and Cleaning

The entire design allows easy disassembly with a few clicks here and there, unlocking each other’s parts for cleaning. The brand also advertises that all of the parts are dishwasher safe. That means you can wash away any residue and pop your components into the washer for less cleaning effort. 

Among the available Big Mouth Pro Juicers from the Hamilton Beach brand, the 67650A might be one of the easier models to clean. But that doesn’t mean it’s ideal. If there’s anything that discouraged me, it’s the filter basket. 

The little thing traps food residue pretty aggressively, but the included brush might make up for it. To clean the device, disassemble the parts, and rinse with clean water. You can then pop them into your dishwasher or hand wash each piece, which some experts might suggest. 

Use mild dishwashing soap to prevent damaging the stainless steel parts, and leave the pieces to dry before assembling the device. The 67650A’s body is also worth mentioning if you’re particularly keen on keeping your juicer clean. The black-slash-gray construction isn’t as prone to staining as its predecessors, letting you maintain its clean aesthetic with less effort.

Alternatives to Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth Pro

Hamilton Beach 67608 Big Mouth Juice Extractor

The 67608 is basically a replica of the 67650A save for the different ways they’re turned on. The 67608 uses a knob as opposed to the 67650A’s switch. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the 67608 uses lower quality stainless steel and plastic, which might betray its durability over its lifespan.

Hamilton Beach 67951 Masticating Juicer Machine

The 67951 is a masticating juicer that uses an entirely different mechanism from the centrifugal 67650A. With that, this juicer might be better suited to users who want full, rich, thicker juice using mostly leafy greens and denser produce that the 67650A might struggle to process.


Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine, Big Mouth 3″ Feed Chute, Centrifugal, Easy Clean, 2-Speeds, BPA Free 40 oz Pitcher, 850W (67850)

With an extra 50 watts of power and two different speed settings, the 67850 can process harder produce with greater ease. It also comes with many other features that hope to address the issues that users experience with the 67650A. 

This includes a patent-pending Easy Sweep cleaning tool that removes residue from the filter in one swipe. It’s also far more durable, made from higher grade plastics and steel to create a burly juicer that gives you more confidence.

Conclusion: Is Hamilton Beach 67650A Worth It?

That really depends. I love that the 67650A comes at a reasonable price despite offering some of the features you would typically find on a pricier model. 

Generating up to 24% more juice than other models in the same price segment, the 67650A produces the highest yield. So no fruit or vegetable goes to waste. 

Of course, it isn’t the perfect juicer. Issues with the container’s size and the height of the spout from the device’s base might be inconvenient. Plus, its tendency to introduce too much pulp into the juice means you need to filter the product after juicing. 

But if you can manage these problems and work around them, then you can get your hands on a budget-friendly juicer that’s ideal for occasional use.

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